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Cutting Down Expenses on Pet Medicine

Pet medicine is often costly and can quickly add up in addition to your other family-related expenses. In the United States, pet owners spend on average of over $3 billion dollars a year on pet medicine and prescriptions. Veterinarian visits alone can average approximately $219.00 a year for dogs and $ 175.00 for cats, without even factoring in the cost of the pet medicine.

Some pet owners may not be aware that many regions do not place regulations on the price that veterinarians can charge for pet medicine. So where one vet may charge $25.00 for a specific pet medicine, another vet can charge $100.00 for the same pet medicine. Under these circumstances, uneducated consumers are likely to be victims of being overcharged for pet health care services and pet medication.

The cost of pet medicine is determined by several factors, including the wholesale cost of the drugs, and factory production and inventory costs. In North America there are no regulations on pet medicine or veterinarian mark up fees, so purchasing from well-known retailers or reputable online pet pharmacies like Pet Meds can help save you hundreds of dollars on your animals pet medicine.

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