PetMeds® Guarantee

If you are not 100% satisfied  with your purchase from PetMeds®, you can return your qualifying item(s) for a merchandise credit or full (or prorated) refund. 


Missing or Damaged items

If the medication you received is incorrect or damaged, we will gladly exchange it for you or provide a credit or refund on a case-by-case basis. These must be reported to us within 72 hours of delivery date in order for us to make it right. You can start a request here or contact us via or call us at 1-800-738-6337.


Over-the-counter Medications/ Pet supplies

If you are not  satisfied with your OTC medications/supplies purchased from us, you have options. We will be happy to find a different solution in order to meet your pets’ needs. Otherwise, we can issue a full refund within 90 days after your order is shipped. Has it been longer than 90 days? We don’t want to cause you to have a “ruff” day, so we may provide you with a PetMeds® merchandise credit up to the amount paid to be used towards any future order. 

Please return unopened/unused medications. Click here to start your return.


Prescription (Rx) Medications

As your Pet Health Experts, we uphold all pharmacy and state regulations. While other pharmacies do not refund for prescription medications, we understand that sometimes things do not work out. Because of this, instead of crossing over to the bark side, we stand alone in our prescription medication refund policy. If you are not 100% satisfied with your prescribed medication, prorated refunds may be offered for up to 30 days after your order is shipped. You can contact us for directions of sending the medication back or instructions of how to properly discard. If you have questions and/or concerns about the prescription items in your order, please contact our Customer Care department here


Vaccines, Specialty medications, and Drop Ship Items

Vaccines, refrigerated items, specialty medications like compound medications, and items drop shipped from another manufacturer are not returnable. 

For any additional questions or concerns, you can contact us via email at or 1-800-738-6337.