The Importance of Your Dog's Nutrition

Studies have shown that an estimated 40-50% of dogs are overweight, which significantly increases their chance of contracting serious diseases and illnesses. Keeping your dog on a nutritious diet not only helps to keep your him or her at a healthy weight, but may also reduce the risk of cancer and heart disease.

Follow these simple guidelines and your dog can enjoy a happy and healthier lifestyle:

Feed a lean diet

Feeding your dog a brand of pet food that is natural and high in vitamins and nutrients play a large part in maintaining your dog's overall health. To give your dog the best nutrition, consider feeding your dog a 5-star rated pet food. We recommend Go! Fit + Free Grain Free Adult Recipe Dry Dog Food for dogs that are active or working breeds, and require high amounts of protein. If your dog is overweight or senior, try Now Fresh Grain Free Senior Recipe Dry Dog Food. Or, you prefer to feed your dog wet food, there is also Go! Natural Canned Dog Food available in delicious grain free flavors (Chicken, Turkey & Duck, or Freshwater Trout) and wholesome formulas Chicken & Vegetable, and Salmon & Vegetable.

Avoid giving too many treats

Refrain from giving your dog too many extra treats. They contain extra calories that can add extra weight. Rather than using excess food or treats as a source of vitamins and nutrients, use vitamin supplements instead.

Exercise your dog daily

Maintaining a daily exercise routine can help to keep your dog at his or her healthiest. Even when you're away at work, you can keep your dog physically and mentally stimulated with a toy like the Booda Tail Spin Flyer.

Max's Tip

Give treats that are nutritious and do not contain excess sugar or sodium.