Benefits of Vitamin Supplements for Pets

Many commercial pet foods lack essential nutrients. Symptoms like upset stomach and scooting may result from a nutritional or digestive imbalance. To fill this void, you might need to give your pet a vitamin supplement to help support brain, heart, kidney, eyes, and liver functions. Supplements contain minerals and antioxidants that help improve your pet's skin, coat, and overall health. Always consult with your veterinarian to determine if your pet needs a supplement. Vitamin supplements can offer the following benefits for your pet:

Increased energy

Does your pet show signs of energy loss due to sickness or aging? A vitamin supplement can benefit your pet's heart, liver, kidneys, eyes, and immune system, helping to promote overall well-being for your pet. Senior pets can especially benefit from vitamin supplements.

Healthier skin and coat

Giving your pet a supplement that contains fish oil, like 1-800-PetMeds Super Pure Omega 3, can help improve skin health, leading to a smoother, shinier coat. Brewers Yeast, which contains biotin, can also improve skin and coat health and reduce shedding.

Strengthened immune system

Supplements can also help boost your pet's immune system, thereby helping your pet ward off diseases. To strengthen your pet's immune system and also help improve liver and kidney function, consider giving your pet Proanthozone. If your pet suffers from a chronic illness, your veterinarian might recommend Vetri-DMG. Improving your pet's digestive health can also help support optimal immune function.