Bone & Joint Care For Dogs and Cats

Protect bones and joints to keep pets on the move

Your pet's bone and joint health is essential to keeping their movements smooth and pain-free.

Each joint, where two bones meet, is a complex structure of ligaments, fluids, and cartilage that work together as your pet walks, runs, and jumps.

Protecting bone and joint health starts with a well-rounded diet. Puppies and kittens need a balanced diet from day one to help bones and joints develop correctly. For large-breed puppies, canine athletes, and other pets at risk for orthopedic issues, your vet may recommend a joint supplement at an early age.

Over time, connective tissue gradually breaks down, leading to osteoarthritis, a condition that affects the majority of senior cats and dogs in at least one joint.

Certain risk factors can exacerbate osteoarthritis or cause it to develop earlier in life. Obesity puts an unnecessary strain on the bones and joints. Traumatic injuries and congenital joint deformities, too, can affect bone and joint health. There can also be an increased risk with repetitive, high impact activity like jumping on and off furniture and playing fetch.

Protect bones and joints to keep pets on the move

Why Should I Protect My Pet's Bones and Joints?

Whether your pet is young and active, or reaching their senior years and showing signs of slowing down, you can protect their bone and joint health. Most dogs and cats can benefit from lifestyle changes like a balanced diet, a healthy weight, and plenty of light to moderate exercise to build muscles that surround the joints.

Protect your pet’s bones and joints to help:

  • Slow progression of age-related osteoarthritis
  • Support recovery after exercise or traumatic injury
  • Reduce pain and inflammation in arthritic pets
  • Prevent growth plate injuries and skeletal abnormalities in puppies and kittens
  • Extend healthy, active years in senior pets

While most pets will eventually suffer some degree of joint deterioration, you can extend their healthy years by including joint-supporting supplements in their diet. Naturally occurring joint builders like glucosamine, chondroitin, and methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) can help protect bone and joint health.

Why Should I Protect My Pet's Bones and Joints?

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Frequently Asked Questions About Bone and Joint Health for Pets
When can I start giving my dog or cat joint supplements?
Joint supplements are not just for pets that have started to show signs of osteoarthritis. They can also be given to pets of any age to support musculoskeletal development, aid recovery in athletic pets, and help slow or prevent cartilage degeneration before it starts.
How can I support healthy bone and joint growth in my kitten or puppy?
What symptoms may indicate osteoarthritis in my cat or dog?

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