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Freestanding Pet Ramp

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Product Info

What is Freestanding Pet Ramp?

The Freestanding Pet Ramp helps your pet get into vehicles, up short flights of stairs, onto furniture, or reach any favorite area he or she would otherwise have difficulty accessing. Best of all, because this ramp is completely freestanding, it does not need to be propped up against anything else to be functional - just unfold, set up, and use! Suitable for pets up to 200 lbs, the Freestanding Pet Ramp also features removable, non-slip carpet treading for your pet's traction and rubberized bottom grippers to help secure the ramp's footing.


Pets up to 200 lbs


  • Allows pets up to 200 lbs get into vehicles & onto furniture easily
  • Ramp stands freely on its own
  • Close to 5 feet long when unfolded
  • Practical for all pets, but especially helpful for pets that are senior, arthritic, or have recently had surgery
  • No tools required quick and easy setup for immediate use
  • Folds quickly and easily for compact storage
  • Rubberized bottom grippers help secure its placement
  • Removable, nonslip carpet treading gives pets better traction
  • Raised edges help prevent your pet from slipping off the sides
  • Helps protect furniture, upholstery, and vehicle surfaces by reducing wear
  • The warm chocolate color helps hide dirt while matching most interior decor

How it Works:

While many pet ramps need to be propped against furniture or vehicle to be functional, this Freestanding Pet Ramp does not require another object for support. It is ready to use on its own! Its high-density plastic construction, reliable tri-folding design and sturdy locking brace allow this versatile pet ramp to safely stand on its own after proper setup. This Freestanding Pet Ramp is durable, folds and unfolds easily for compact portability and storage, and features removable, non-slip carpet treading to steady your pet's footing. The slightly raised edges prevent pets from slipping off the side, and rubberized grippers underneath give the ramp secure footing. Available in a Chocolate color, this ramp is stylish as well as practical. Click below to see different products


Intended for pets only - up to 200 lbs! Not intended for human use or for carrying heavy loads. Do not leave unattended.

How to Use

How to Use the Freestanding Pet Ramp:

Your packaged Freestanding Pet Ramp will arrive folded. Simply unfold the ramp, then pull out the arm brace and lock it securely into place. The Freestanding Pet Ramp does not need to be propped up against anything before use. When securely assembled and properly positioned, it can be used either indoors with your furniture or outside with a vehicle.

Care & Cleaning:

Pet hair and small debris can be removed from the carpeted treads with a sticky tape roller or an attachment with your vacuum. The treads can also be removed for cleaning. Using a mild, pet-friendly cleanser works best. Always make sure the carpet is completely dry before reattaching to the pet ramp.


When leaving the ramp up for extended periods of time, periodically check the locking brace to make sure it is in its most secure position. This will help ensure the safety of both pets and people. Or just fold and store in cool, dry place.


Freestanding Pet Ramp Details:

Freestanding Pet Ramp
Product Dimensions Product Weight
56" L x 16" W x 23" H 18 lbs
Available Color: Chocolate
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