Diarrhea Treatment Options for Dogs and Cats

Treatment options for pets with diarrhea
Medical care

If your cat or dog has diarrhea accompanied by fever, vomiting, blood in the stool, or lethargy, consult your veterinarian immediately, as these are serious symptoms. In these cases, hospitalization, antibiotics, and IV fluids might be necessary to treat your pet. Your veterinarian will choose specific treatments based on what caused the diarrhea.

Home care

For pets with diarrhea and no general illness (no vomiting, no bloody stools), withhold normal food, and:

  • 1st day: Feed your pet broth frequently in small amounts and give him or her Fast Balance-G.I.
  • 2nd day: Feed broth with mashed potato or mashed sweet potato and give Fast Balance-G.I.
  • 3rd day: Feed broth, mashed potato and bits of meat, and give Fast Balance-G.I.
  • 4th day: Feed broth and regular meals.

Give your pet Fast Balance-G.I. immediately when diarrhea occurs, and daily until diarrhea resolves, because it helps the intestinal cells function in a normal manner so that the diarrhea stops.

Recommended products for the possible causes of diarrhea in dogs and cats
Treatment for specific causes of diarrhea in dogs and cats
Diarrhea caused by allergies

If your pet has diarrhea caused by allergies, speak to your veterinarian about beginning a food trial or therapeutic diet that has been shown to help allergic pets.

Diarrhea caused by worms

If your pet has been diagnosed with worms, use the appropriate wormer, clean up feces, and treat your yard to remove worm eggs. Roundworms, tapeworms, and hookworms cause small intestine diarrhea. Whipworms cause large intestine diarrhea that may be bloody. Use Panacur C (for dogs), which is effective against whipworms, hookworms, roundworms, and tapeworms. No prescription is required. Dogs with whipworm infections may be anemic and may benefit from being fed liver. Liver provides the building blocks to make red blood cells.

For cats with diarrhea caused by intestinal worms, Drontal (Rx) is effective against roundworms, hookworms, and tapeworms. Cats do not get whipworms.

Diarrhea caused by parasites

If your dog or cat has giardia (parasites that infect the small intestine), use Metronidazole (Rx) for five days. Use Fast Balance-G.I. to load the intestines with healthy microorganisms and re-establish normal digestive function.

Diarrhea caused by bacteria

If your pet has a bacterial infection, use an effective antibiotic based on the fecal culture. Support normal intestinal cell function with Fast Balance-G.I.

Diarrhea caused by foreign bodies

Pets that swallow foreign bodies and pets with intussusception (the bowel folding back on itself) need endoscopic removal or surgery. Use Fast Balance-G.I. to re-establish normal digestive function.

Intussusception is serious and common in puppies and kittens. If not treated, it can result in death.

Treatment for diarrhea caused by a specific disease
Diarrhea caused by addison's disease

Pets with Addison's Disease need steroid medications. Use Fast Balance-G.I. to re-establish normal digestive function.

Diarrhea caused by EPI (exocrine pancreatic insufficiency)

For pets with EPI, supply pancreatic enzymes with Pancrezyme (Rx).

Diarrhea caused by kidney disease

Pets with kidney disease may need a diet change to include controlled proteins and phosphorus. Many pets with kidney disease benefit from supplementing with Omega 3 fatty acids. Use Be Well for Dogs, Be Well for Cats, or Nordic Naturals Omega 3-Pet (for dogs).

Diarrhea caused by liver disease

Pets with diarrhea caused by liver disease may need a diet of controlled proteins. Most pets with liver disease benefit from supplements such as Demarin or Cholodin. Use Fast Balance-G.I. to re-establish normal digestive function.