Submissive Urination Symptoms in Dogs

Symptoms of submissive urination

A dog with submissive urination or incontinence urinates when greeted or approached. Your dog might also roll on his or her back and urinate, or stand and dribble when greeted. This may occur in your home when guests visit, or when you are out walking your dog and your dog is approached by strangers. It can also occur when your pet is overrexcited or anxious as a result of separation anxiety.

  • Urinates when greeted
  • Rolls on back
  • Stands and dribbles
Diagnosis of submissive urination and incontinence

Submissive urination is diagnosed after first establishing that your pet is potty trained and that your pet has no health-related causes for incontinence. If there are no health problems and your pet dribbles urine or squirts urine when greeted, then a diagnosis of submissive urination can be made.

A pet that has been housetrained and stands and squirts urine on walls or vertical surfaces, is diagnosed as having urine marking behavior.