Kidney Stone Treatment for Dogs and Cats

Treatment options for pets with kidney stones

If the kidney stones in your dog or cat involve both kidneys, the only way to manage them is to try dissolving the stones using prescription specialty diets or homemade recipes. Many of these diets promote increased thirst to encourage more dilute urine, which can potentially dissolve the stones. These diets are usually fed over 3-4 months. Antibiotics are often given during this treatment period as well, while waiting to see if the stones slowly dissolve. In cases where only one kidney has stones, surgical removal of the kidney may be necessary. In all cases, stone analysis and identification at an outside veterinary laboratory is recommended.

Recommended antibiotics for kidney stones in pets
Supplements & homeopathic remedies for pets with kidney stones

Some pets with kidney stones may be treated with a combination of a raw pet food diet and chronic constitutional homeopathy. There are no specific supplements that will reliably dissolve kidney stones, but certain supplements can help improve and increase urinary tract health. These include Renal Essentials from the company Vetri-Science and Canine/Feline Renal Support from the company Standard Process.

Prevention of kidney stones in dogs and cats

To prevent the recurrence of kidney stones, special diets can be used for each type of stone. Increasing your pet's water consumption helps dilute the urine, which helps prevent crystal formation in the urinary tract. Resolving your pet's urinary tract infections and having your pet's urine checked twice a year may help prevent recurrent kidney stones from forming. In addition, adding a small amount of salt to your pet's water bowl will often increase the amount of water that he or she will drink.