Kidney Disease Treatment for Dogs and Cats

Treatment options for pets with kidney disease

Kidney transplants are available at select research institutions, but in most cases there is no known way to repair your pet's damaged kidneys. An attempt can be made to slow down the rate of progression of kidney disease and allow your pet's body to handle the situation as best as possible. This is best accomplished through diet, medications, and fluid injection therapy.

Diets low in protein, phosphorus, and salt may also be helpful in more advanced cases of kidney disease. Phosphate binders added to the diet such as Epakitin Powder and amphogel may help keep blood phosphorus levels under control. Injectable B-complex and Vitamin B-12 may help to stimulate appetite in some pets. If this fails, appetite stimulants may be prescribed, such as Mirtazapine and Cyproheptadine. Potassium supplements such as Tumil-K can help with weakness that is seen in advanced kidney failure. When anemia is severe, injectable erythropoetin may help stabilize red blood cell numbers.

One of the most important methods of treatment for pets with chronic kidney disease is to give supplemental fluid injections several times a week, if possible, in the form of subcutaneous injections under the skin. Pets receiving this extra fluid therapy often feel much better and have an enhanced quality of life.

Recommended products that may help pets with kidney disease
Supplements & homeopathic remedies for pets with kidney disease

Epakitin Powder is a nutritional supplement for dogs and cats used to safely and effectively support kidney function. It helps slow down the progression of chronic kidney disease and also limits phosphorus absorption from the intestines. Another helpful supplements in pets with advanced renal disease is the probiotic Azodyl, which can often draw out excessive kidney toxins from the blood into the digestive tract.

The products Renal Essentials by Vetri-Science and Canine/Feline Renal Support from Standard Process are also quite helpful in treating pets with kidney disease. Senior Blend from Animal Apothecary is a wonderful combination of Western herbs that may help kidney function. In cases of acute renal failure or decompensation, the homeopathic remedies Nux Vomica or arsenicum album in 6c potency may help during the short term.

Prognosis for pets with kidney disease

The prognosis for your pet's kidney disease will depend on the level of toxins in the blood. Pets with blood creatinine levels (a creatinine test measures kidney function) at or below four usually have a better prognosis for an improved quality of life. For pets with blood creatinine levels above five, long-term quality of life is usually poor; in those cases greater than 80% of the kidneys are permanently destroyed.