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Why Does my Cat Sleep on Me?

cute, sleeping cat

With an assortment of cat beds, comfy furniture and maybe even a cat tree, your cat has plenty of spots to sleep.

So why do they choose to sleep on you?

Cats Are Social Sleepers

The warmth of your body, the sound of your heartbeat and the movements of your breathing when you're in a deep sleep can all attract your sleepy cat. They may be reminded of snuggling with their mother and brothers and sisters when they were still with their litter.

Your cat gets their innate desire to snuggle from being in the wild, many generations ago. Snuggling with their feline family members meant they could stay warm in the winter, and stay safe from danger.

If your cat snuggles with you, it's because they trust you and consider you to be a part of their family. While sleeping, your cat is at their most vulnerable, so they'll only snuggle up to someone who makes them feel safe.

What If I Don't Want My Cat To Sleep On Me?

Though you may be honored to be your cat's resting spot of choice, you might not love having your sleep interrupted. Your cat may hop onto your back in the middle of the night and wake you up. Or maybe you're concerned that you'll roll over on top of them.

To discourage this habit, you'll need to provide your cat with an alternative resting place. Perhaps you have a family member who doesn't mind it. Then, you can leave your bedroom door closed until your cat finds a new favorite human lounge.

If your cat gets cold at night, a heated cat bed will keep them warm and cozy all night long. Not only will it keep your cat warm, it can also alleviate joint pain and inflammation in older cats with arthritis.

You can even try bringing home a second cat for your first to snuggle with at night. Of course, adopting a pet is a lifelong responsibility. It's not a choice to be made lightly. If you have room in your home, and you feel your cat needs someone of their own species to play with during the day and snuggle at night, it might be time to expand your family.

Naturally, there's no guarantee that your cat will want to snuggle with their new brother or sister. They might both want to sleep on you.