Should I Give My Pet a Joint Supplement?

Should I give my pet a joint supplement?

Similar to how we humans take supplements to support our joint health, so can our pets! With the constant jumping and running around our pets do each day, adding a joint supplement to their daily routine can help maintain healthy joints and reduce the risk of developing arthritis as they age. Whether your pet is young or old, giving joint supplements can be beneficial to dogs and cats at any age.

Joint supplements for puppies and kittens

Puppies and kittens are so playful and energetic, they often amaze us with their physical abilities and stamina. At the same time, their bones, joints and muscles are growing at a fast pace. A quality joint supplement can provide the extra support for healthy joints and cartilage development that growing pets need for a fun-filled, active life.

Joint supplements for adult pets

Preventing joint problems is important in adult pets, to make sure that later in life they are still able to walk, run and play without debilitating joint pain. Dog joint care at every age is especially important in certain breeds prone to hip and knee problems, such as German Shepherds and Golden Retrievers. Joint supplements for cat joint support is also vital to keep your cat agile throughout adulthood.

Joint supplements for senior pets

Arthritis and joint aches can decrease your pet's quality of life and take away the enjoyment of being petted or cuddled. Playing and physical affection may actually become painful, resulting in snapping, clawing or biting in extreme cases. Joint supplements can help improve flexilibity in senior pets, making activities more enjoyable.

Max's Tip

Did you know joint supplements are chondroprotectives? Learn more about the benefits of giving joint supplements to dogs and cats.