Managing Noise Anxiety in Your Pet

Summer is officially here! And this time of year brings upon the resonating sounds of fireworks and thunderstorms. Unfortunately, these loud noises can cause nervousness and anxious behavior in many pets which can result in:

  • Wimpering, meowing, or howling
  • Chewing or biting furniture, clothing, and other household items
  • Urinating or defecating inside the home

To help you and your pet make the most of the summer months ahead, our pharmacists recommend the following natural and prescription pet meds to ease your pet's anxiety.

Ease your pet's nerves with all natural remedies

There are several products you can use to help manage your pet's nerves. These products mimic the natural pheromone naturally produced by mother dogs and cats to calm their young. Products like Be Serene and the Calming Collars (Cat or Dog) contain natural flower essences and herbal mixtures to naturally calm your pet's behavior.

Also recommended is the Thundershirt, which applies gentle pressure on your pet's torso and feels like a constant hug. Thundershirt does not contain any pheromones or drugs, so it will help keep your pet calm but not lethargic during times of stress or anxiety.

Recommended products for dogs with noise anxiety
Consult your veterinarian about a prescription for anxiety

It's possible for some pets to be immune to natural remedies for anxious behavior. If this is the case with your pet, you should talk with your veterinarian about the option of prescription pet medications for anxiety.

Keep your dog safe with a crate

Whether your dog's anxiety is caused by loud noises or separation anxiety, a crate can be an extremely helpful pet supply. Using a crate is helpful in keeping your dog safe from unforeseen dangers when you are away and even when you are at home. Plus, when used with proper training, your dog will come to think of the crate as its personal space. For more information on the benefits of using a crate, read our guide on crate training your dog.

Max's Tip

The anti-anxiety pet products mentioned above are also extremely effective for separation anxiety and nervousness when traveling.