Hot Spots Treatment

Preventing hot spots

Hot spots are prevented by preventing fleas. The most common methods of flea prevention include topical flea medication and oral flea medication. Some of the most effective topical medications include Frontline Plus and and K9 Advantix II. These products begin killing fleas within minutes. Topical Revolution also kills fleas, but requires at least 24 hours to become effective.

The most effective oral flea prevention medications are Sentinel and Capstar. Capstar kills all adult fleas and begins acting within minutes. Capstar is given daily. The main difference between these two oral flea medications is that Sentinel doesn't kill adult fleas. Sentinel prevents eggs from developing into adult fleas.

Which flea preventative is best for my pet?

With so many different types of flea preventatives available, it can be somewhat overwhelming to choose the best type for your pet. To compare the benefits, visit our Flea Preventative category and select up to 3 products to see what each product kills, how it is applied, and the product rating from our veterinarian, Dr. Dym.

Kill fleas in your home and yard

To effectively eliminate a flea infestation, using a flea preventative isn't enough. You will also need to treat your home and yard which live in your pet's environment.

Treating hot spots

Constant itching is the cause of many hot spots and can be managed with antihistamines while topical sprays can help to kill bacteria and soothe your pet's irritated skin.

Soothing topical sprays and solutions for hot spots:
Pet medications to reduce itching caused by hot spots: