Two Homeopathic Remedies You Should Get for Your Pet

In recent decades, the system of medicine known as homeopathy has been experiencing a tremendous resurgence around the world, as the levels of chronic disease have grown extensively in younger children and animals. There are hundreds of homeopathically “proven” remedies that are available to choose from for these chronic conditions, which for chronic disease treatment can be indeed challenging to choose which remedy best matches the patient’s clinical disease state. There are two remedies, however, that even in those who are not true believers or who are new to homeopathic study, that are essential, in my opinion, to have in one’s medicine chest and even in one’s car glove compartment and those are Arnica and Nux Vomica.

Boiron Arnica Montana 30C is probably the most common remedy that homeopaths have seen the tremendous power in potential healing of certain acute situations, and probably the leading remedy that encourages one to study and learn more about homeopathy, and how powerful this system of energy medicine truly can be. Probably the number one word to think of when this remedy will likely serve the patient quite well is trauma. Most commonly acute physical trauma or injuries to any body part from head to toe, that can range from traumatic “hit by car” injuries in the dog and cat, to “trauma” associated with surgery, falls, bite wounds, and even sports injuries. In my strong opinion, if Arnica was given to football players in high potency immediately following the impact on the field, many football players would be spared not only the acute cascade events leading to acute concussion, but other more chronic effects of blunt trauma to the head in the months or years ahead. Arnica potentially quickly reduces the feelings of soreness, bruising and pain. If given early enough, Arnica use in high potency can often prevent further swelling, edema and secondary infections. I use Arnica in high potency in all of my post operation dental and other routine surgical procedures, which offers a safer alternative to other commonly prescribed prescription medications such as the non steroidal anti inflammatory agents (NSAIDs) or narcotics commonly used today. I will often use a high potency of 10M depending on the life force strength of the patient, and if needed repeat acutely every several minutes or several hours for the first 24 to 48 hours if the traumatic situation is more intense or painful.

Boiron Nux Vomica 30C is the other key remedy to have in everyone’s medicine chest or car. If I was going to describe the situations where the essence of Nux vomica would apply, it would be in a state of overindulgence, or over reactivity. In our animal patient this can often present when an animal has gotten into the trash or other indigestible items, and as a result has digestive upset most commonly consisting of acute vomiting and/or diarrhea. Because of this overindulgence, the Nux patient is often in an irritable or sensitive state, and may like to be left alone or seek out heat or warm place when not feeling well. The state of Nux Vomica is often brought on in today’s overmedicated and over-drugged patient with various over the counter and prescription medications. Sometimes homeopaths will often start a chronic disease case with this remedy because very often patients are sick from too many prescribed medications and are in an overmedicated or over reactive state, which itself causes symptoms and side effects in the patient. It is probably the number one remedy people will reach for in states of insomnia from an overactive mind, as well as being the number one hangover homeopathic remedy the following our own overindulgence. Interestingly, in my clinical practice, I have seen this remedy used in high potency effectively treat an acute paralyzed Bassett Hound, who had no deep feeling or pain in his paws for many hours within a few minutes. Depending on the intensity of the situation and/or strength of the patient’s life force, I will prescribe homeopathic potencies from 30C up to 10M potency, which may provide rapid relief in the above clinical situations.







Written by Dr. Michael Dym VMD, 1/21/2021