Don't Forget About Pets on Halloween

Let's face it, pets can have a good time on Halloween too! If you have a pet, or you know of pets in your area, make this holiday fun by including your furry friends in the festivities.

If you are looking for special ways to include your pet or your friends' pets, check out these simple ways below.

Dress up your pet

If your pet is not a fan of costumes, try using something simple like a collar charm or FunDog Bandana.

Keep anxious pets away from strangers

Our main objective as pet parents is to keep our pet's safe, but if your pet is not a fan of strangers, you should also consider the safety of others. On Halloween night, it's a good idea to keep such a pet in another room away from trick-or-treaters. If you choose to put your pet in another room, make sure the door is fully closed at all times so your pet doesn't snap at a stranger, or run out your front door. Also, if you have small children, remind your child of the dangers should he or she accidentally open the door to your pet's "hideaway".

When your pet is alone and enjoying "quiet time", make sure he or she is fully entertained and relaxed with toys and a comfortable bed. You may also want to play with your dog between knocks at the door. This would be a great time to commend and reward your dog for good behavior with a pat on the head and even a treat. If you have a curious pet, or one that has a hard time with separation, try just using a gate between rooms. This will show your pet that you are still around, but he or she is safe from strangers.

Keep your pet indoors

Halloween night, although fun, can also be a time for neighborhood mischievousness. Mean-spirited pranksters often find Halloween a good time mess with pets, especially pets that are black in color. If you have an outdoor pet it may be a good idea to bring him or her indoors just for the night. Let your pet play with you and your family, or just place him or her in a room with fun toys. If you have a cat, a great way to keep your cat a part of the action is with the Heated Cat Window Perch. This cozy perch keeps your cat warm, and allows him or her to see out the window all night.

If you can't bring your pet indoors, make sure your pet's identification tags are up-to-date in case he or she wanders off. In addition, keep your pet on a leash if you decide to go walking or trick-or-treating on Halloween night. Scary costumes can frighten your pet and make him or her want to run away.

Give "treats" to pet trick-or-treaters

We all know that candy is bad for pets, so giving out organic, yummy treats like Crumps Naturals Sweet Potato Chews can keep pets satisfied and away from harmful candy. If your neighborhood has a lot of pets, it may be fun to hand out treats to trick-or-treating pets. It's always a good idea to ask for permission, but if you hand out pet treats, you will be the favorite petster in the area.

In addition, if you have young children, make sure to explain that giving pets candy can be dangerous and make your pet sick.

Max's Tip

Although there are no reported statistics, black pets (especially cats) have been subjected to cruelty during Halloween, so make sure to take special precautions to keep your pet safe.