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How to Choose a Dog Leash

There are many reasons why dogs should be kept on a leash at all times when outdoors. These reasons can range from:

  • Local laws requiring a dog to be leashed
  • Harmful items, trash and debris lying around
  • People or other pets could easily distract or frighten your dog, causing your dog to run away or into traffic

But with so many leash options available, how do you know which is best suited for you and your pet? View our product tips below to help refine your decision.

Keep your dog safe and near you

Reflective leashes and collars are a popular choice for pet owners because of the added safety benefit of being visible at night. When walking your dog at night, the Dog-e Glow LED Collar is the ideal way to make sure your dog is visible to drivers and pedestrians.

Note: For puppy training, it's generally recommended you use a loose leash (approximately 4-6 feet) instead of a retractable leash.

Leash options with more control

It's no secret some dogs may "pull" during walks. For pets that tend to pull while walking on a leash, consider the ThunderLeash, which works as a standard leash or "no pull" harness to help you control your dog more easily. Harnesses, headcollars, and specially designed dog leashes can help you maintain more control when walking with your pet.

Help your senior or disabled dog walk more easily

There are also harnesses made specifically for dogs lacking mobility due to age, arthritis pain, or disability. For example, the Rear Dog Lifting Harness will allow your dog to enjoy increased freedom as you help him or her on a walk around the neighborhood. The Full Body Dog Lifting Harness is also specially designed for dogs that are injured, incapacitated, or of advanced age. This full-body support harness will increase your dog's mobility while providing you with support and comfort while lifting your pet. These harnesses are convenient and cause less stress on your dog's joints, helping to ease mobility and improve quality of life.

Max's Tip
Max & Molly
Do not allow retractable leashes to get wet during low temperatures, as the cord may freeze and become difficult to retract. To prevent the cord from getting wet, spray it with a water repellent (non-toxic) before walking your dog.
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