Cushing's Disease Treatment for Dogs and Cats

Treatment options for pets with Cushing's disease

If Cushing's disease is caused by steroid-containing medications, the medications are gradually withdrawn. If the pet's pituitary (brain) is sending the wrong signals to the adrenal glands or if the adrenals are spontaneously releasing too much cortisol, mitotane (Lysodren), l-deprenyl (Anipryl), trilostane (Vetoryl) or Ketoconazole can be prescribed. These pet medications are generally given for the remainder of your pet's life and will make a significant difference in your pet's health and comfort.

Recommended pet medications for dogs and cats with Cushing's disease
Alternative treatment options for Cushing's disease

Some pets benefit from Ginkgo, which reduces corticosterone secretion. Ginkgo can be used along with Anipryl. Several homeopathic medications benefit pets with Cushing's disease. The primary remedy is Graphites-Homaccord. In addition, Lymphomyosot, Coenzyme Compositum and Ubichinon Compositum have been used.