3 Risks to Protect Your Pet From This Spring

Fleas & ticks begin to thrive at 45 degrees

Flea eggs that have laid dormant over the winter months hatch once the weather gets warm. These eggs grow into biting adult fleas and cause many health risks like skin infections, intestinal parasites and other diseases. Don't let your pet suffer from flea bites and all the dangers that go with them. Get flea prevention today.

Mosquitoes spread deadly heartworm disease

Spring is here, and so are the mosquitoes that can infect your pet with deadly heartworms! Heartworm disease in dogs is difficult and expensive to treat, and can be fatal. For cats, there is no heartworm treatment available. That's why it's so important to protect your pet from deadly heartworms with a monthly preventative. Combination heartworm and flea prevention products are an easy way to protect your pet from multiple parasites in one dose!

Outdoor play exposes pets to gastrointestinal worms

The great outdoors means one thing to your pet — playtime! However, worms and their eggs lurk in grass and soil, waiting to make your pet their new home! Protect your pet from the dangers of hookworms, tapeworms, roundworms and other parasites. See more dewormers.

Max's Tip

Don't wait until your pet has the symptoms of fleas, heartworm disease or gastrointestinal worms. Protect your pet with a monthly flea and heartworm preventative, and help remove and control worms with a good dewormer.