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Tips on Picking the Best Pet Bed

Having a bed to rest your head on is a necessity and the same is true for your pet. Of course, your pet can sleep on the floor, or even with you on your own bed or couch, and he or she probably won't mind doing so. However, your pet should have a special bed of his or her own. Some reasons your best friend deserves a pet bed are as follows:

A pet bed provides a sense of security. Locate a comfortable place in your home for the pet bed, and keep the bed in the same location so your pet learns that he or she has a special resting spot. Pet beds are comfy and most pets would prefer to sleep somewhere soft that provides cushioning and insulation instead of on the cold, hard floor. Additionally, if your pet has his or her own resting area, it will help keep fur, dirt, and pet dander off your own bed or furniture, benefiting family members who might have allergies.

Consider important factors before choosing a pet bed

Not sure which pet bed is right for your pet? Determine the following factors before choosing a pet bed:

  • Sleeping style. Some pets like to sleep curled up in a cozy ball, but others like to sprawl out. Observing your pet's sleeping style will help you determine the right bed for him or her. Does your pet like the security of leaning against something? Or does your pet like to have enough room to stretch? These are important questions to consider before choosing a pet bed for your pet.
  • Pet type, size, and activity level. Do you have a dog or cat? Big dogs will need a larger, sturdier bed with a thick, more durable cover than a smaller dog would need. Cats prefer window perches to satisfy their curiosity. Older pets would benefit from heated pads or orthopedic beds for relief from arthritis.
  • Style and budget. Nowadays, pet beds come in a wide range of styles, colors, materials and prices, so there is something for every taste and budget.
Popular types of pet beds

Once you determine your pet's sleeping preferences, you can decide which pet bed will best suit your best friend. The following are the many types of pet beds to choose from:

Orthopedic Pet Beds

This type of bed is a great fit if your older pet is experiencing joint pain or arthritis. An orthopedic pet bed provides extra cushioning for bones, helping to soothe painful pressure points. The large size of an orthopedic pet bed is great for pets that like to sprawl out while sleeping. The mattress type of pet bed is recommended for large dogs, while orthopedic window perches are recommended for cats. Some of the smaller-sized orthopedic pet beds may be used for either dogs or cats.

Donut (bolster) beds

If your pet likes to curl up or sleep with his or her head resting on a pillow, a donut or bolster bed is good choice. This style of pet bed usually has a cushioned bottom and a raised side. It is cozy for smaller pets since the round shape of the pet bed helps retain body heat.

Pillow or cushion beds

This pet bed is basically a large pillow or cushion. It comes in many different sizes, and is a great choice for pets that like to stretch out while sleeping.

Heated pet beds

Heated pet beds are recommended for older pets that may have joint pain or stiffnesss. The gentle heat soothes and reduces stiffness, keeping your pet warm and cozy while sleeping. Even smaller pets, such as cats, can benefit from a heated pet bed since they lose body heat easily. Consider a using a heated pet bed if you live in a colder climate. Some are even specifically made for outdoor use, like the Lectro-Soft Outdoor Heated Bed.

Pet cots

Consider a pet cot if your dog or cat likes to rest outdoors. Pet cots protect your pet from the rough ground, especially asphalt that may get too hot in the summer or too cold in the fall or winter. Many pet cots are made of a waterproof fabric which helps make cleaning easier. Plus, the sturdy frame makes it ideal for larger dogs.

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