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Heartgard Plus Generic

Preventing heartworm disease with heartworm medicine

Many pet owners use a preventative like Heartgard Plus, but there is a generic equivalent to Heartgard Plus, which is Iverhart Max. Both products prevent heartworm disease and also control roundworms, hookworms. However, Iverhart Max also controls tapeworms, whereas Heartgard Pus does not.

Symptoms of heartworms in both cats and dogs are generally the same, which can involve vomiting, wheezing, choking, diarrhea, and a dull and an unkept coat. Because heartworm treatment can be potentially fatal, the best option to reduce your pet's risk of contracting the disease is by establishing heartworm control with a monthly preventative.

Monthly heartworm preventatives like Iverhart Max kill any heartworm larvae that may have transferred their way into the pet's body during the previous 30 to 45 days. Heartworm preventatives can only kill heartworm larva, not adult heartworms, which is one of the main reasons why prevention is essential in maintaining your pet's health.

Reducing your pet's risk for heartworm disease

Most pet owners assume that only pets living in warm and humid climate regions are at risk for heartworms due to the mosquito population. This is not entirely true. Although areas in these regions may have a higher mosquito population, all pets can contract heartworms.

Before you can give your pet a heartworm preventative like Iverhart Max, your dog will have to undergo a blood test to make sure your pet doesn't already have heartworms. You should speak with your veterinarian concerning the best options for keeping your pet healthy and free from heartworms.

Buying heartworm medicine from 1-800-PetMeds

At 1800PetMeds we can call or fax your veterinarian to authorize your pet''½s prescription - saving you a trip to the veterinarian's office. And with our product guarantee, you can always be confident that each product you receive from us is of the same exact quality as your vet's office.

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