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Frontline for Dogs and Cats

Using a pet medication regularly, such as Frontline for dogs and cats, is the best way to prevent a flea infestation from occurring altogether. Some pet owners begin to administer flea preventatives, like Frontline Plus, to their pets in the spring and summer months. However, in warm climate regions fleas are able to survive year-round due to the warmer temperatures and humidity.

In order to properly eliminate fleas in your home, all pets should be treated with Frontline. And because flea offspring (flea eggs and flea larvae) live inside your dog or cat's environment, you'll need to kill fleas inside the home. Treating the inside of your home with a carpet powder or room fogger helps kill flea eggs and larvae from maturing into adult fleas, which helps to end the flea life cycle.

Save on Frontline Flea Medication with PetMeds

Frontline for dogs and cats is a non-prescription medication that can be bought online at or by phone by calling 1-800-PetMeds. Every product sold by PetMeds is the same exact product sold by your veterinarian, only at a discounted price, and without the hassle of having to visit your vet's office!

You can count on PetMeds to deliver quality flea control products, like Frontline, at prices you'll love. Place your next order with us and experience the savings of buying from PetMeds, America's largest pet pharmacy.

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