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Benefits of Giving Your Pet Fish Oils & Fatty Acids

Essential fatty acids are important building blocks to help maintain your pet's healthy brain and heart. But did you know your pet's body does not naturally produce these? For this reason, your pet's daily diet should include fish oil supplements containing essential fatty acids like Omega 3 to help boost his or her immune system.

Benefits of giving your dog or cat fish oils (esential fatty acids) include:

Healthy skin

Pets with allergic skin can benefit from fish oil. Add an essential fatty acid supplement to your pet's diet with any of the following recommended products.

Shiny coat

Omega 3 fatty acids promote shiny coats and help reduce shedding by providing nutrients missing from commercial pet food. Try mixing one of the following products in your pet's food to address "empty calories" and help brighten his or her coat.

Stronger immune system

Fish oils help support the digestive, nervous, and immune systems, helping to increase protection against diseases. They also promote joint health. Therefore, giving your pet fatty acids not only helps promote healthier skin and coat, but sustained energy and better protection against potential diseases.

Max's Tip
Max & Molly
Common ingredients in commercial grade pet food include flour or grain byproducts, which do not contain essential fatty acids. Switch your pet's food to one that contains whole grains, as these ingredients have a natural supply of fatty acids.
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