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Reason   1-800-PetMeds   Vets

Pet didn't like it   Check Mark   No Check Mark

Changed your mind   Check Mark   No Check Mark

Ordered wrong size/weight   Check Mark   No Check Mark

Product doesn't work   Check Mark   No Check Mark

Your pet gets heartworms

(Heartworm Prevention)

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If your pet gets heartworms, here's what's required for reimbursement of veterinary costs:

  1. Send us your bill for treatment of heartworms and we'll send you a check (requires 9 months of continuous use of heartworm product purchased from 1-800-PetMeds on the pet for whom the medication was prescribed. Monetary limitations apply).
No Hassle Guarantee
Manufacturers of Heartworm Products

We meet or exceed all manufacturers' and veterinarians guarantees without the hassle. Please click on the link below to compare their guarantee to ours.

Product Quality:

Our Products Are:
  1. U.S. FDA/EPA-approved.
  2. The same medications that are sold in your veterinarian's office.
  3. The freshest products available because of our high volume of sales to millions of customers.
  4. Our products and facilities are regularly inspected by state agencies and we're in full compliance.
  5. Conveniently delivered to your door, with free shipping on orders over $49.