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If your pet gets heartworms, here's what's required for reimbursement of veterinary costs

  1. Send us your bill for treatment of continuous use of Revolution® purchased from 1-800-PetMeds on the pet for whom the medication was prescribed).

Manufacturers of Revolution® (Zoetis)
  1. You need to call the Revolution hotline and give all required pet information as well as your name, phone number, and address.
  2. Your vet must verify that you administered Revolution according to the label directions and prescribing instructions. In other words, if you skipped a month or didn't administer correctly, you may not be reimbursed.
  3. Your vet must verify that prior to starting Revolution, an antigen test had been administered and your pet tested negative for heartworms No other test result is acceptable (Knotts or filter test).
  4. Your vet must prove confirmation of heartworms with two different blood samples using two different testing methods.
  5. If your pet was previously treated for heartworm disease, your vet must show a negative antigen test for your pet prior to starting Revolution.
  6. If your pet has no history of preventative use, your vet must submit two negative antigen tests at least 6 months apart at or after initiation of Revolution treatment.
  7. Your pet may be required to get retested for confirmation.
  8. Your pet will not be covered if:
    1. Your pet's heartworm antigen test was negative prior to the start of Revolution, and became positive less than 6 months following the initiation of treatment.
  9. Your pet may not be covered if:
    1. Your pet's heartworm antigen test was positive less than 6 months after switching to another monthly preventative.
    2. Your pet has not been tested for heartworms every other year.
    3. Your pet's heartworm antigen test was negative prior to the initiation of Revolution treatment and your pet has received Revolution or an alternate heartworm product without breaks in treatment.
    4. Feline heartworm cases may not be covered.

REVOLUTION is a registered trademark of Zoetis.