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If your pet gets heartworms, here's what's required for reimbursement (Reimbursement for diagnostic & treatment costs):

  1. Send us your bill for treatment of heartworms and we'll send you a check (requires 9 months of continuous use of heartworm product purchased from 1-800-PetMeds on the pet for whom the medication was prescribed. Monetary limitations apply).

Manufacturer of Sentinel® (Novartis)
  1. Proof must be provided that you administered Sentinel according
    to the label and prescribing instructions. In other words, if you
    skipped a month or didn't administer correctly, you may not be
  2. Vet must provide proof of a baseline (-) heartworm test prior to
    starting the product.
  3. Vet must provide proof of a 6-7 month follow–up test to rule out
    pre-existing infections when switching products.
  4. Vet must provide clinical and purchase history. All purchases must be documented in the medical record. Prescriptions must be per pet not per household.
  5. Only if all the above are provided will reimbursement be provided.
    But your pet will still need to be re-tested at a particular lab, and if
    your veterinarian wants to use a different lab, reimbursement for
    that cost will only be up to $30.
  6. Vet sends information to Novartis

SENTINEL® is a registered trademark of Novartis.