Heartgard Plus®
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If your pet gets heartworms, here's what's required for reimbursement of veterinary costs:

  1. Send us your bill for treatment
    of heartworms—and we'll send you a check for up to $500 (requires 9 months of continuous use of Heartgard Plus® purchased from 1-800-PetMeds on the pet for whom the medication was prescribed).

Manufacturers of Heartgard Plus® (Merial)
  1. Vet must have given and prove a negative heartworm antigen test prior to giving product
  2. Vet must have given and prove a follow-up negative heartworm antigen test after 6 months
  3. Last dose of Heartgard Plus® must have been given within the last 31 days
  4. Vet must prove 2 positive antigen tests performed on two separate blood samples to detect heartworms = $$$
  5. Vet fills out reimbursement form along with documentation
  6. Vet sends information to Merial
  7. Merial verifies information
  8. If your pet has been on Heartgard Plus® for 9 months continuously without a skipped dose, reimbursement to your veterinarian will vary depending on the number of treatments required to remove heartworms If not continuous, no reimbursement will be given