Cat and Dog Food Trends

Is it your imagination, or are the dog and cat food aisles at your local pet store getting bigger?
New ingredients, new formulas, and new types (where did that freezer come from?) are popping up every year, each promising to keep your pet healthy, treat existing health issues, or imitate what their ancestors ate in the wild.
While it’s great that pet parents are asking for more of their pet food, with higher quality ingredients and allergy-friendly options becoming readily available, some of these pet food trends are just that - trends.
Learn about the top five pet food trends from the past few years and what you should know before switching to the latest diet for your dog or cat.

What Should I Feed My Pet?

If you want to feed your pet the healthiest diet possible, but don’t know which direction to take, ask your veterinarian for a recommendation. Based on your pet’s age, weight, and existing health conditions, what may work for another pet might not be the best option for them.
While there’s no single best diet for your pet, their food needs to, at minimum, contain balanced vitamins and minerals in a format that’s digestible, tasty, and readily available and affordable for you. You can combine multiple types of food, add fresh ingredients, and offer healthy treats to create a menu that’s the perfect fit for the unique needs and personal taste preferences of your cat or dog.



Every pet deserves to live a long, happy, healthy life.