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Both Pets and Pet Parents Feel the Strain of Separation Anxiety When Apart, According to a New Survey from PetMeds®

As employees continue to return to work at offices, the ping of missing their pets at home has become more pronounced. A PetMeds® survey of 2,000 pet parents uncovered new data that supports the bond between pets and their humans.

DELRAY BEACH, Fla. — PetMed Express, Inc. (NASDAQ: PETS), Your Trusted Pet Health Expert, revealed the results of a new survey conducted by OnePoll that show just how much pet parents miss their beloved friends when they are at work. And those feelings have only intensified as workers continue to return to offices after working from home during the pandemic.

In fact, four in 10 pet parents said they would take a lower salary to work from home in order to be closer to their pets. Most people can barely get through their commute to work without longing to be with their pets — the PetMeds® survey found that pet parents begin to miss their pets on average just 37 minutes after being apart, and they find themselves thinking about their pets 13 times throughout the day.

Other key stats from the survey of 2,000 pet owners:

  • 44% expressed worry about their pets experiencing separation anxiety
  • 52% have felt an increase in their own separation anxiety in the past two years
  • 42% said they have observed a change in their pet’s mental health and behavior in the past two years
  • 48% said their pets follow them to the door and look sad when they leave
  • 63% would like more support and guidance in understanding their pet’s health and behavior
  • 70% would try pet telehealth services

  • “This research confirms what we already know: People love their pets and prioritize being with them,” said Matt Hulett, CEO of PetMeds. “What’s eye opening is how many pet parents feel their own sense of separation anxiety and loneliness when they’re away from their pets – a concept that underscores the pivotal role our pets play in our lives.”

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