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PetMeds® To Celebrate Older Cats and Dogs With National Senior Pet Month Giveaway

Delray Beach, Florida, November 01, 2021 – November has most Americans thinking about family, making it a great time to celebrate National Senior Pet Month. Whether pet owners have a beloved senior cat or dog at home or are thinking of adding a grizzled addition to their family, PetMeds® is raising awareness and shining a light on misconceptions with a month-long giveaway.
Most people looking to adopt a pet tend to look for puppies and kittens, while senior pets in shelters get overlooked. Senior pets are often seen as set in their ways and less likely to adapt to their new family. The truth is, older cats and dogs have a lot of love to give, and there are many perks to adopting a senior.
Senior cats and dogs tend to sleep more than their younger counterparts, having long surpassed the wild puppy or kitten stage. Adopters of senior pets can look forward to quiet evenings on the couch with a snoozing dog or purring cat curled up in their lap.
Older pets also have a predictable personality. Shelters and humane societies often document the adoptee’s history with kids, other pets, and different environments to ensure the pet is a good match for the potential adopter.
The biggest concern pet parents may have about adopting a senior is the heartbreaking perception that they will fall in love with the animal, only to have to say goodbye to them after a few months. Fortunately, domestic animals are living longer as we see improvements in nutrition, veterinary medicine, and public knowledge about pet preventative care.


“Cats and dogs are considered senior pets at around seven years of age, and for most, that’s when their life is just beginning,” says Larissa Schenck, Director of Marketing at PetMeds® “It’s not uncommon for pets to stay active and healthy for another seven years, or even longer.”

In celebration of National Senior Pet Month, all cat and dog parents are invited to enter the PetMeds® Senior Pet Month Giveaway for a chance to win a Special Senior Support Package that will include Animal Eye Defense, Vetri-DMG, and Super Pure Omega 3. The Special Senior Support Packages will also include Feliway for cat parents, and Adaptil for dog parents. One lucky grand prize winner will receive a couch cover – for those quiet evenings on the couch with your special snoozing senior.
The PetMeds® Senior Pet Month Giveaway runs from Monday November 1, 2021, through Tuesday, November 30 2021. Everyone who enters from 12:01 AM Eastern Time ("ET") November 1, 2021 to November 30 2021 at 11:59 PM ET is eligible to win.

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