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PetMeds® Becomes Exclusive US Fulfillment Partner for Pet Telemedicine Platform Vetster

Delray Beach, Florida, July 15, 2022 – PetMed Express, Inc. (NASDAQ: PETS), Your Most Trusted Pet Health Expert®, today becomes the exclusive fulfillment partner for Vetster, the world’s leading veterinary telemedicine and pet-care marketplace. The partnership enables the fulfillment of prescription medications and over-the-counter products through PetMeds® to Vetster customers across the United States. The fulfillment partnership is part of a previously announced agreement that makes PetMeds the exclusive e-commerce provider of prescription and over-the-counter medication for Vetster customers and makes Vetster the exclusive provider of virtual care telehealth and telemedicine services to PetMeds.

“We are excited to partner with Vetster to deliver value and convenience for the veterinary community and pet-parents,” said Matt Hulett, CEO, and President of PetMed Express. “Our focus is to ensure a seamless online experience for pet parents by delivering the medications and products they need for their pets’ well-being. Tapping into the growing pet telemedicine industry through this partnership with Vetster allows PetMeds to help power a leading solution in the $10 billion medication market.”

Veterinarians providing virtual care through the Vetster telehealth platform can prescribe using the VetsterRx™ Online Pharmacy fulfilled by PetMeds. VetsterRx is the first online pet pharmacy provided by a veterinary telehealth platform. In a seamless and convenient experience, pet parents can choose to purchase medication prescribed by their Vetster vet at the end of the appointment, and have the medication shipped directly to their home by PetMeds.

“Our partnership with PetMeds addresses the critical need for pet parents to access high quality, trusted, and convenient veterinary care,” said Mark Bordo, CEO, and CoFounder of Vetster. “Together we will advance how pet parents obtain the veterinary advice, medication, and health care solutions they need to provide their pets with proactive and preventative care.”

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About Vetster
Vetster is the leading veterinary telehealth platform connecting pet owners with top-rated veterinary professionals. Pet owners use Vetster to speak to veterinary professionals online through video, text, or audio chat. Vetster’s award-winning marketplace and mobile app empower pet owners to speak with a veterinarian from the comfort of home or while traveling, scheduling appointments any time — 24/7. Create a free account today at