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1-800-PetMeds® To Sponsor Bideawee Animal Shelter To Bring Excellent Pet Wellness To New Adoptive Pet Parents

Delray Beach, Florida, February 11, 2020 – To help make sure new pet parents have the support, products, and education they need to keep their new family members healthy, 1-800-PetMeds® is teaming up with Bideawee by sponsoring the no-kill rescue organization from February 1, 2020 to January 31, 2021.
Adopting a pet is life-changing. Many pet parents are overwhelmed with new responsibilities like changing routines, learning how to care for their pet, and obtaining tools, toys, and supplies, all while bonding with their new best friend.
This feeling of being overwhelmed often leads to the pet being returned to the shelter or given away. According to the American Humane Society, about 1 in 10 adopted pets are no longer in their new home just six months post-adoption.
Bideawee’s mission is to connect pets and people - for loving relationships that last a lifetime. Potential adopters are set up with a matchmaker who helps them find the perfect pet based on their personality, lifestyle, and the pet’s special needs and quirks.
All animals in its care are given the medical, emotional, and behavioral support to help set them up to be well-rounded pets in their new home. Adopters who get their pet from either the Manhattan or Westhampton adoption center become a part of Bideawee’s large extended family, and can continue to have a relationship with those who cared for their pet at the shelter.


“Bringing a new pet home for the first time can be exciting and daunting at the same time, especially if it’s your first-ever cat or dog. We’re so excited to be a part of Bideawee’s mission to help new pet parents get the education and support they need so they can focus on falling in love with their new pet.” says Larissa Schenck, Director of Marketing at 1-800-PetMeds®.

"At Bideawee, we want to make sure our adopters have the right tools and products to provide their new animals with a long and healthy life. We are thrilled to be partnering with 1-800-Pet Meds® who are experts in pet care and disease prevention," says Leslie Granger, President and CEO of Bideawee.

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About Bideawee
Bideawee, which means “stay awhile,” in Scottish, is one of the country’s oldest and most respected animal welfare and pet adoption organizations. Founded in 1903, Bideawee’s mission is to be Greater New York’s leader in rescuing, caring for, and placing homeless cats and dogs with people who love them. Bideawee provides an array of high touch services including adoption centers, animal hospitals, pet therapy programs, and pet memorial parks that serve pets and pet lovers on their lifelong journey together. Bideawee is a not-for-profit 501(c) 3 humane animal organization and 100% of Bideawee’s funding comes from private sources. Bideawee operates in New York City, Wantagh, and Westhampton. For more information, visit: