Deramaxx - Quellin Carprofen Soft Chew - Generic to Rimadyl
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Quellin Carprofen Soft Chew - Generic to Rimadyl
Reduces Pain and Inflammation associated with Arthritis? checkmark checkmark
Reduces Fever? checkmark checkmark
Reduces Joint Stiffness? checkmark checkmark
Controls Symptoms of Osteoarthritis checkmark checkmark
Additional Benefits Can also reduce pain associated with surgery or dental procedures Also relieves pain and inflammation from hip dysplasia
What Makes it Different? Blocks COX-2 enzymes trigger inflammation and contribute to pain in arthritic joints Generic equivalent to Rimadyl, only comes in soft chewable
Recommended For? Dogs Dogs (Over six weeks of age)
Product Type Chewable Tablet Chewable Tablet
Usage Deramaxx Usage Quellin Carprofen Soft Chew - Generic to Rimadyl Usage
RX Required checkmark checkmark
How Long does it Take to Work? Within Hours of Dose Within Hours of Dose
Ingredients Deracoxib Carprofen
Does it have long-term side effects? Danger of serious damage to healthy by prolonged exposure if swallowed. May possibly affect kidneys, gastrointestinal tract, development and/or reproduction Laboratory studies in anesthetized dogs and clinical field studies have demonstrated that Quellin is well tolerated in dogs after oral administration.
Cautions Do not use with aspirin, another NSAID such as etodolac, carprofen, or piroxicam, an over-the-counter cough, cold, allergy, or pain medication, warfarin, furosemide, an ACE inhibitor such as enalapril, a steroid such as prednisone, insulin, or probenecid. Do Not Give To Cats
What are Customers saying Pros Betty is an 8 year old Rotty with the typical old Rotty joint and movement issues. Deramaxx makes such a difference in her pain management and happiness level. She is able to jump and bound like a 5 year old Rotty again. Deramaxx will be with us until the end. These work VERY well for my girl. Her legs were very stiff and she couldn't hardly get up off the floor, but after just 2 days of these pills, she has that spunk back in her eye and moves around with no problems! She has even been jumping up on the bed again!! Love that these pills work so wonderfully!
What are Customers saying Cons ...his liver values came up and now his kidneys are in failure. I ordered this generic version of Rimadyl chewables because of the price. However, these chewables do not taste the same (apparently) as the Rimadyl and my old girl won't touch them... even smothered in peanut butter, she won't go near them.
Vet Recommendations This close relative of the human arthritic drug celebrex, which has helped so many suffering human arthritis patients, has really shined in its veterinary use. All nonsteroidal anti inflammatory drugs on the market to varying degrees block enzymes in our pets bodies involved with pain and inflammation. The deramaxx difference and advantage is that unlike many competitor products, deramaxx does NOT block enzymes that are involved in blood clotting, protection of the stomach lining and kidney function, thus providing an increased balance of safety and efficacy over other products I have seen in practice. Deramaxx specifically targets the source of osteoarthritis inflammation and pain with ONE chewable tablet controlling inflammation for a full 24 hours. This FDA approved drug has been prescribed to over one million dogs over the past 2 years. One study with one of its major competitors, showed that lame dogs put more weight on the leg quicker and for longer periods than another drug of its class commonly prescribed. As with any individual drug of the nonsteroidal anti inflammatory class, there can be very rare reactions involving the digestive tract, kidneys or liver. I find that when we do complete blood and urine workups on pets before starting on this medication, that we are able to prescribe drugs like this more safely. For those pets who need deramaxx long term, blood work should be done every 4-6 months in my opinion. I often find that when using the wonderful neutraceuticals from 1800petmeds for arthritis like super joint enhancer, proanthozone, and super joint omega that I am able to use much lower doses of deramaxx in controlling chronic degenerative joint disease and arthritis in many of our aging dogs,, even only a dose or two a week in some cases, once the neutraceuticals take effect over several weeks. For some of the major orthopedic procedures done on dogs today, including fracture repair, joint reconstruction, and the ever increasing number of cruciate surgeries being done on dogs, that deramaxx offers superior relief and quicker return to function than some of the other competitor products. The main disadvantages I have found is the lack of an approved injectable medication for same day use in my surgery cases, as well as the lack of FDA labelled safety and approval for use in young puppies.6 weeks of age. Also it is so important for clients to review with their veterinarians any prior drug or antibiotic reactions, ot the use of any other over the counter drugs, other prescription medicines, as well as nutritional supplements that could interact with drugs of this class and potentially lead to increased complications. These issues should always be discussed with your vet on case by case basis, but by no means should discourage the use of this wonderful often life saving drug... From the trustworthy and reliable drug company Bayer comes a brand new formulation (known as Quellin) of a time and tested non steroidal anti inflammatory drug carprofen and Rimadyl. For those dogs who are difficult to medicate or pill, this easy to use soft chewable is well accepted by most dogs, and avoid the use of pill pockets. They are also scored tablets, which allow for flexible dosing of dogs of all weights. This non steroidal anti inflammatory has many benefits in managing pain and inflammation, associated with surgery, as well as the inflammation associated with injuries and chronic arthritis. When given with food, this cuts down on the chance of digestive upset. In any pet undergoing chronic therapy with a drug like Quellin, blood work and urine analysis should be done to test for any pre existing medical conditions. This is an exciting new development with this chewable formulation of a very important anti inflammatory medication. I give it an overall rating of a 4.5 with an ease of use and efficacy/taste of a 5.
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