Glyco-Flex III - ProMotion For Medium Large Dogs
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Glyco-Flex III
ProMotion For Medium Large Dogs
Product Type Chewable Tablet or Soft Chew Chewable Tablet
How it works Maintains healthy joints & connective tissue Helps maintain healthy joints
Additional Benefits
Chondroitin N/A N/A
Omega Fatty Acids
Manganese 10 mg N/A
For Medium and Small Dogs 1000 mg N/A
Creatine N/A N/A
Perna 600 mg N/A
What Makes it Different? Specially formulated for working, sporting or geriatric dogs Contains cysteine to help the body detoxify and protects cells from free radical damage
How Long Does it Take to Work? 1-3 weeks 1-3 weeks
Usage Glyco-Flex III Usage ProMotion For Medium Large Dogs Usage
Taste Natural Imitation Roast Chicken Flavor Beef Bacon Flavor
Ok to Use with RX Pain Medications? X mark X mark
Recommended For Dogs Dogs
Here's What Customers are Saying Pros "Since I've had him on Glyco Flex III he is like a pup again" "...18 months old I was told he had hip dysplasia. My vet recommended ProMotion and Samson is now 12 years old and has never needed surgery."
Here's What Customers are Saying Cons "my dog is small and only needs 1/4 of the huge pill." "The only downside is that she will not eat it unless given as a pill or in food."
Vet Review There is no better trustworthy neutraceutical company in the veterinary profession than the vetriscience company Their very first product called glycoflex, has reliably and in a trustworthy manner served the veterinary community and our companion dogs and cats with degenerative joint disease and arthritis for several decades now. . Fortunately with great distributers like 1800petmeds, products like glycoflex III are now readily available to the public at very reasonable costs. Not only does this wonderful whole food supplement contain the whole food perna canaliculus,(that has been researched recently in even human medicine in significantly helping very severe human arthritis patients), that is naturally rich in glucosamine and chondroitan sulphate, but also adds the wonderful synergistic nutrients in MSM and dimethylglycine(called DMG) to this wonderful formula which only enhances efficacy of this wonderful combination product. . The stage III formula is especially useful in those pets with either advanced arthritis of any cause, or in helping post operatively in terms of reducing recovery time in those aging pets who need to undergo stressful and painful orthopedic procedures. I find it best when this product is combined with other wonderful synergistic joint supplements like proanthozone from 1800petmeds, as well as fatty acids like super joint omega or super pure Omega 3 from 1800petmeds. When these products are used in combination, the efficacy of the combination certainly goes up significantly in my experience and opinion. The only drawbacks I have seen are in those rare dogs who are allergic to shellfish or wont eat this chewable flavored joint supplement, and on even rarer occasion in those pets with established diabetes, where sometimes dose adjustments need to be made. With all of that being said, I give this product an overall rating of 5, with its effectiveness a 5 and its taste a 4. Promotion brought to us by one of my favorite companies, Animal Health Options, this glucosamine and trace mineral vitamin supplement is truly a reliable and trustworthy supplement that I have used for years in practice.  I will often use promotion in conjunction with the antioxidant proanthozone, which I often find enhances the effects or both products in reducing joint inflammation and improving mobility. When used regularly, promotion provides nutrients needed for joints to remain healthy, as well as being a potent antioxidant. It is easily crumbled and mixed with food and I have found it highly palatable for most dogs with no side effects seen in my experience. I give this excellent glucosamine supplement an overall ranking of 4.5 out of 5.
How Much Do I Give My Pet? Depends on weight. Depends on weight.
RX Prescription Required? X mark X mark
Known Side Effects Administer Soft Chews during or after the animal has eaten to reduce the incidence of gastrointestinal upset. None
Rare Side Effects None None
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