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Super Joint Enhancer
Yucca Intensive Holistic Animal Care
Product Type Chewable Tablet Liquid
How it works Maintains healthy joints & Improves flexibility Supports joint health
Additional Benefits
Chondroitin 400 mg N/A
Omega Fatty Acids
Manganese 5 mg N/A
For Medium and Small Dogs 100 mg N/A
Creatine N/A N/A
Perna N/A N/A
What Makes it Different? Top selling joint supplement, tastes better than most joint supplements. Contains steroidal saponins, which are nature's most powerful anti-inflammatory agents
How Long Does it Take to Work? 1-3 weeks Within a few hours of dosing
Usage Super Joint Enhancer Usage Yucca Intensive Holistic Animal Care Usage
Taste Pork and Beef Flavor N/A
Ok to Use with RX Pain Medications? X mark X mark
Recommended For Dogs Cats, Dogs, & other small animals
Here's What Customers are Saying Pros "one of your Super VitaChews daily. My Vet says he is amazed at his condition." "...within a week, no limping." "From the third day on, my dog's movement and activity has been greatly improved. "
Here's What Customers are Saying Cons "too hard just to break in half" "My dog won't take this because of the taste."
Vet Review One of the most impressive aspects of the 1800petmeds pharmacy services is their ability of providing to the clients many wonderful products labelled with the name 1800petmeds, that often offer equal if not superior clinical results to some of the more expensive brand name products often sold by veterinarians. . There is no better product in my experience that demonstates this more than the 1800petmeds super joint enhancer. This terrific blend of glucosamine, chondroitan and MSM makes up a vital component of any preventative or therapeutic joint health program. Readily acceptable by most pets in a pleasant pork/beef flavoring, I have found this product so effective in practice in helping with enhancing post operative healing, as well as when used over a long period of time, extremely helpful in easing joint pain and helping manage ongoing joint inflammation of degenerative joint disease. I do find even superior results when I combine the super joint enhancer with other healing agents like proanthozone, which decreases free radical inflammation, and helps strengthen the collagen that also makes up the so called glue of the joints. Along with omega 3 fatty acids like super joint omega or Be Well from 1800petmeds, I often find this triad of supplements highly successful in enhancing the quality of life of painful or arthritic pets, often sparing the need for stronger prescription drugs that may cause side effects in sensitive patients when used long term. The only disadvantages I can see is the rare case of diarrhea from such glucosamine products, or if the pet is allergic to beef or pork. And while in the human literature, glucosamine derivatives have been suggested at causing insulin resistance in humans, I have not found this to be a significant issue in our companion animals. However because of the presence of glucose in this product, any diabetic patients who stay on this product long term, should have their sugar regulation monitored by their local veterinarians to make sure there is no significant impact on blood sugar levels. Other than these minor concerns, I highly endorse this product, especially when combined with the other wonderful joint supplements available from 1800petmeds.I rate this product 5 out of 5. As a holistic-oriented veterinarian, I am always looking for nondrug alternatives to help our pets who suffer from many chronic inflammatory disorders, including crippling arthritis, frustrating itchy skin allergies, and inflammatory digestive disorders. In my 17 year veterinary career I have often been disappointed by "supposed" new miracle cures that are always coming across my desk or that clients share with me from the internet. When the great company azmira developed their version of Yucca, I was very excited to try it for some of these difficult conditions, especially given the lack of truly effective natural alternatives that work. After using this product for a few years now, I can say that it is an outstanding, and proven safe all natural supplement. With its powerful natural steroidal saponins, the anti inflammatory effects for skin, digestive and joint disorders has led to remarkable results in treating these conditions. I have often combined using this product, along with the powerful antioxidant proanthozone, and the Super Pure omega 3 fatty acids from 1800petmeds to all work together in helping naturally each of these frustrating conditions. Because of the reduced blood flow from injured tissue swelling and inflammation, yucca can help cleanse the liver and kidneys as well by promoting blood flow and tissue repair. The only downside I see to using this product is its bitter taste, which does make it difficult to administer to some animals. This is a plus, however when using the product topically to treat allergic hot spots on the skin, or to prevent a pet from biting or gnawing at a certain area of the body. Some tips I have given clients in easing administration, is to perhaps give the yucca orally in a little gravy, olive oil, a pets favorite canned food, yogurt, or with some peanut butter on a piece of small bread. This often gets around the bitter taste of this highly concentrated product. However those who try it, especially with the above synergistic supplements, will not be disappointed in most cases. I give this product an overall rating of 5, an effectiveness of 4.5, and a taste of 2(however with the above tips, administering it should not be a problem
How Much Do I Give My Pet? Depends on weight. Depends on weight.
RX Prescription Required? X mark X mark
Known Side Effects None None
Rare Side Effects Diarrhea None
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