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Revolution Plus
Prevents Heartworm Disease checkmark checkmark
Roundworms X mark X mark
Hookworms checkmark checkmark
Whipworms X mark X mark
Tapeworms checkmark X mark
Fleas X mark checkmark
Other Parasites X mark Kills 3 species of ticks commonly found in cats, and treats and controls ear mites.
Safe for Breeding, Pregnant or Nursing Pets X mark N/A
Age/Weight Requirements 7 weeks of age or older weighing at least 1.8 lbs 8 weeks of age or older, weighing at least 2.8 lbs
Rx Prescription Required checkmark checkmark
Dosage Monthly
Usage Centragard Usage Revolution Plus Usage
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Veterinarian Review (Michael Dym, VMD) This new product on the market launched in August, 2018 comes at a time when the American Heartworm Society is warning that one in 4 cats diagnosed with heartworms are indoor only cats, thus necessitating veterinarians to carefully examine the issue of recommending not only year round heartworm pevention in dogs, but also in cats, especially in southern, warmer climates. This product is a wonderful general and very broad spectrum parasiticide control product to use in cats, which when applied topically, circulates in the blood and is wonderful at preventing hookworms, round worms and heartworms in cats, as well as treating tapeworms with the inclusion of praziquantel. Tapeworms are a very frustrating parasite that is often difficult to control, especially in outdoor cats, and often recurs weeks to months after effective treatment. With the inclusion of the praziquantel in this monthly applied product, tapeworm control is close to 100 percent, eliminating those unsightly moving rice like worms near a cat's tail or anus, so a great product to use in outdoor cats where heartworm, flea and internal parasite protection are priorities. A downside with this product is that it does not control fleas or ticks. . Rare side effects in sensitive cats include drooling and/or occasional vomiting, especially if licked off, and occasional clumping of hair or skin irritation at the site of application. Even more rare are neurological reactions, but I have only seen this when the product is licked off when applied inappropriately. I give this product an overall rating of a 4 out of 5 with an ease of application of a 4. A significant limitation of the original revolution product for cats is that it did not cover any species of ticks, which is especially important in those cats who go outside and/or live with dogs where there is increased chance of tick borne infections such as Lyme disease, Ehrlichia and Anaplasmosis in dogs, not to mention the risk of tick born disease exposure in people whose cats bring ticks in to the home. With this new formulation clients get protection against 3 species of ticks. The American Heartworm Society has published that one in 4 cats diagnosed with heartworm disease are indoor only cats, so that especially in Southern, warmer clients, heartworm disease prevention may become as important in cats as dogs. And it takes only a few heartworms to cause significant disease in cats, who seem much more sensitive on exposure to this parasite than even dogs are. This versatile product not only kills fleas before they eggs, but gives additional 6 in 1 protection again ticks, round worms, hookworms, as well as ear mites. THe product is quite quick drying, easy to apply, and not messy or greasy like many other topical formulations. The only down side as to efficacy is in those cases where there is a severe flea infestation affecting multiple animals in a household, where I have found some of the other products a bit more effective in those cases in both dogs and cats, however the vast majority of flea infestations are easily taken care of with this product. Because of the addition of the Sarolamer ingredient for tick control, I would not use this product if there is any history of neurological disease or seizures in the cat. The only other rare side effect I have seen is lethargy and because of its easy to use formulation, only very rare contact sensitivity. With all this being said, I give this product an overall rating of a 4 out of 5 with an ease of application of 5.
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