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Wood Pet Gate 3-in-1 (4 Panel)

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Product Info

What is Wood Pet Gate 3-in-1 (4 Panel)?

The Wood Pet Gate 3-in-1 is an economical accessory for your home because of its many uses. It can be used as a room divider, a freestanding pet gate, or a pet pen. This pet gate also features a lockable swing door that allows you to move from room to room without having to move the entire pet gate. For additional width, try the ( Wood Pet Gate 3-in-1 (6 Panel)).


Dogs and Cats


  • Each panel can lock to 90° or 180° for desired configuration and extra stability
  • 3 ways to use: as a room divider, pet gate, or pet pen
  • Swing door allows you to move from room to room
  • Door automatically locks after closing
  • Rubber stops keep pet gate stable and protect against floor damage
  • Simple and attractive design to match most home decor

How it Works:

Each panel locks in place at 90° and 180° angles using specially designed caps, which provide extra stability and allows the pet gate to also be used as a room divider or pet pen.


This product is designed for indoor use only. Do not use outdoors.

How to Use


Before attempting to assemble your pet gate, please read instructions entirely and thoroughly.

Download Wood Pet Gate 3-in-1 Instructions

Assembling the Wood Pet Gate

  • Attach Panels. Locate the hole on the bottom of the panel and insert the wood dowel on the coupling rod. Attach the top of the coupling rod to the panel. (After inserting Wood Dowel, do not force the coupling rod by twisting/turning).
  • Insert Holepins. Insert 2 holepins in to the holes on top of the coupling rods.
  • Insert Caps. After selecting your desired configuration, insert caps as shown. Check to make sure each cap is in position.
  • Cautions: Caps can only be inserted at 90 or 180 degree angles. There will be a small gap between the panel and the cap.

How to Disassemble

  • Remove caps and remove holepins.
  • Slide panel forward to separate from coupling rod. (Do not force by pulling or twisting coupling rod.)
  • Cautions: Take care that product does not collapse while disassembling. Leave door locked when assembling door panel.

Opening and Closing the Pet Gate Door

  • Grip and lift the upper gate lock so that the gate door is opened by releasing the upper and lower gate locks.
  • This product is designed to lock automatically when closed. If too much or too little force is used when closing, the gate door may not lock.

When cleaning, mix mild detergent and water wand use a soft cloth or sponge. Do not use harsh chemicals such as benzene or thinner. After cleaning, wipe dry with a soft cloth or place in a shaded area to air dry. Do not place pet gate in direct sunlight.


  • Make sure each part is properly assembled before using this product. Pay close attention to new born pups or tiny dogs to avoid serious injury to pets and/or damage to the product. Small pets may get caught between the wire and wooden frame. Only use genuine parts and do not alter the product to avoid accidents and/or injury to self, pets, or others.
  • Keep this product away from all heat sources at all times to avoid unexpected product damage or burn-related injuries.
  • When used as a pet gate, do not use at the top of the staircase or near a glass door. Pet owners should be very cautious about whether their place is appropriate for this product.
  • Place this product in an open space to avoid possible collapse caused by pets or others that may result in injury to self, pets, and/or others.
  • This product is designed for indoor use only. Do not use outdoors.
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Size & Color

Wood Pet Gate 3-in-1 (4 Panel) Details:

Wood Pet Gate 3-in-1 (4 Panel)
Dimensions Recommended for
130" W x 0.8" D x 31.5" H Pets: Dogs and Cats (weighing 8.8 to 40 lbs) Home use (doorways, hallways, and open spaces)
Colors: Autumn Matte (Wood)


Always store product in a clean, dry place.

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