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Wahl Pocket Pet Hair Trimmer

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Product Info

What is Wahl Pocket Pet Hair Trimmer?

Wahl clippers use the finest high-grade steel blades in the industry, so they will be able to stand up to even the thickest fur and make it easier to finish grooming all types of pets. The tooth geometry of the Wahl Pocket Pet Hair Trimmer can help prevent cuts or jabs, too, so your pet will have a more pleasant grooming experience.


Dogs & Cats


  • Compact size allows for portability and access to hard-to-trim areas on your pet.
  • A smaller number of blades work smoothly to complete trims quickly.
  • High-grade steel blades stay sharper longer.
  • Tooth geometry prevents cuts and jabs.

How it Works:

Select the length of fur you would like your pet to have by using one of the two attachment combs and run the trimmer through your pet's fur, making sure to stay close to the curves of his or her body.


Do not be used on pets with sores, cuts, bruises or other lacerations that may become irritated by grooming. Do not use this electric cordless clipper under or around water or wet surfaces.

How to Use


  • Select the attachment you would like to use for your pet's trim.
  • Attach it to the clipper.
  • Turn on the clipper and run it along the contours of your pet's body.
  • When you have finished trimming your pet, carefully dust off the blade, and put it in a safe place away from children.

For best results, first-time users should cut the coat slightly longer than desired. This allows the initial cut to be completed without accidentally cutting the coat too short.


Store the Wahl clippers in the provided accessory case away from small children and animals.



Length of Pet's Coat: Any.

In the Box:

  • Battery Operated Pocket Pro trimmer with #40 Blade
  • Two attachment combs
  • AA battery
  • Blade oil
  • Guard instructions
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