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Vari Kennel Fashion Pet Kennel

Starts $71.93 $50.35

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SM 21x16x15 Blue
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Starts $71.93 $50.35

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SM 21x16x15 Blue
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Product Info

What is Vari Kennel Fashion Pet Kennel?

The Vari Kennel Fashion Pet Kennel is the same durable pet kennel as the Vari Kennel Traditional Dog Kennel, in a stylish shade of blue. Using a pet kennel is an ideal pet accessory to help solve common pet problems such as separation anxiety or house training. This pet kennel is also perfect for trips to the vet, to visit friends and family, or for travel (including most airlines). The durable plastic molding is easy to clean, and side windows allow plenty of airflow to ensure your pet is comfortable inside. Best of all, no tools are required to assemble the kennel.


Small Dogs and Cats


  • Wire vent door and side windows provide ample airflow
  • Made of durable plastic framing
  • No tools required
  • Secure latching lock

How it Works:

The Vari Kennel Fashion Pet Kennel is great for


Check with the airline at least two weeks in advance for their specific rules and requirements. To avoid strangulation, never leave a pet unattended with a collar on, including inside a kennel. Periodically inspect the plastic shell for cracks, especially after exposing the kennel to severe shocks, changes in temperature or other harsh or challenging conditions. Young animals should be allowed out of their kennel well before the limits of their bladder and bowel control will tolerate. Never stack kennels with animals inside. Check and tighten latches and screws periodically, especially before moving your animal in the kennel.

How to Use


Download Instructions for the Vari Kennel Fashion Pet Kennel

Assembly Instructions:

  • Separate two kennel halves by cutting the plastic ties.
  • Turn bottom half of kennel over and place flat inside on the floor. Place top half of kennel, with side up, onto the bottom half and ensure parts are aligned.

Installing the Door:

  • Hold top section and place metal door in opening so ends of hinge and latch rods fit in holes. Lower top section so hinge and latch rod fit into holes.
  • Insert bolts from the underside of rim through holes and secure with specially designed wing nuts. Tighten wing nuts by hand only. It is advisable to check wing nuts periodically to maintain tightness, especially if the kennel receives heavy use.

To help avoid choking and other serious injuries, remove all collars, harnesses and other items, such as pet clothing, before placing your pet in the kennel.

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Size and Color

How to Purchase the Right Size Crate or Kennel for Your Dog or Cat

  • Your pet should be able to stand and fully turn around in the crate.
  • Pick a size that your pet will fit into when fully grown.
Vari Kennel Fashion Pet Kennel - Size Small
Dimensions Recommended Breeds
21" L x 16 W x 15" H Shih Tzu, Dachshund, Jack Russell Terrier, and Cats


Never leave a pet unattended in a kennel in direct sunlight.

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