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Solvit PupZip Vehicle Zipline

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Product Info

What is Solvit PupZip Vehicle Zipline?

Do you like to take your pets for a ride in the car, but worry that they'll get underfoot if they're allowed to roam free? Keep your pet in the back seat of the car and give him or her the freedom to roam back there with the Solvit PupZip Vehicle Zipline. Once it's installed, it allows pets the ability to move around in the back seat, but it prevents them from jumping into the front seat and being a serious distraction while you drive. Whether you've got a tiny pup or an extra - large dog, the Solvit PupZip Vehicle Zipline is designed for you. It is constructed using high-strength material that can handle even the largest, strongest dogs. The length can be adjusted up to 72 inches long to fit in all vehicles (cars, trucks, and SUVs alike) and work for all sizes of pets.Please Note: Although the Solvit PupZip Vehicle Zipline will keep your dog contained in the back seat and reduce your distraction, it is not designed to prevent your pet from moving around if the car stops suddenly or is involved in an accident. Please consider purchasing a safety harness for your vehicle to keep your pet (and you) even safer.


Dogs small to extra


  • Gives your pet freedom to roam
  • Reduces driver distraction
  • Installs easily
  • Adjusts for all cars, trucks, and SUVs and for all sizes of pets

How it Works:

Once you've installed the Solvit PupZip Vehicle Zipline, your pet will be able to roam the back seat or cargo area of the car without being able to jump into the front and be a distraction to you as you drive. A leash attached to the zipline lets your pet walk from one side of the back seat area to the other while attached to the zipline, keeping him or her contained.


Always inspect the condition of the zipline for wear or damage before use. Transporting pets in your truck bed can be dangerous. Please use caution.

How to Use


  • On opposite sides of the area you wish to install the zipline, find two anchor points from which to suspend the line.
  • Attach one of the steel-reinforced hooks to each anchor.
  • Shorten the red strap to tighten.
  • Keep any leftover zipline material out of the way by bundling it with the included hook-and-loop strap.
  • Before using, make sure to adjust the black leash that hangs from the zipline to allow your pet to lie down, but do not leave enough slack for your pet to jump into the front seat.
  • To loosen the zipline, grasp the base of the hook and pull forward, while simultaneously feeding the loose end of the strap back through the hook.

Solvit PupZip Vehicle Zipline can be installed in your vehicle in the bench seat area, cargo area, or in an enclosed pick-up truck bed area.


Solvit PupZip Vehicle Zipline Details:

Solvit PupZip Vehicle Zipline
Product Dimensions Weight
Can be adjusted up to 72" 1 pound
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