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Heated Cat Window Perch

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Product Info

What is Heated Cat Window Perch?

The Heated Cat Window Perch is a unique indoor resting area your cat will love. No tools are required to assemble when you use the Velcro attachments, or it can be screwed onto a surface for a more permanent placement. The Heated Cat Window Perch plugs into an electrical outlet to keep your cat warm, and also adds support and softness with the use of orthopedic foam.




  • Great for all cats, but especially beneficial to arthritic or senior cats
  • Helps your cat stay warm on cold wintry days, or the heating pad can be removed for the warmer months
  • Easy to assemble
  • Sturdy design supports up to 40 lbs
  • Tested for safety and does not cause fire
  • Cover is removable for easy washing

How it Works:

The Heated Cat Window Perch is designed to remain 12 to 15 degrees above ambient air temperature and warms to your cat's normal body temperature when in use. It is ideal during the winter for senior and arthritic cats because the warm surface helps to relax muscles and reduce joint inflammation and stiffness. Please note the Heated Cat Window Perch does not get hot.


Always unplug the Heated Cat Window Perch from outlet when not in use.

How to Use


  • Velcro® attachment: (For any windowsill.) Upon removing the Heated Cat Window Perch from box, note the forward edge of the tray portion. The screw holes in the tray are to be nearest the window. Hold the tray onto desired mounting position on the windowsill and determine positioning of legs. Snap legs into position and hold up to windowsill again. Be sure the window perch is level. If the window perch is not level, snap legs into another position. Once desired adjustments are made, remove tray and attach Velcro® to the raised portion on the bottom of the window perch tray directly under the two outside screw holes. Gently set the tray down onto windowsill in the desired position. Press down firmly above the Velcro® strips to ensure proper adhesion to windowsill. For best results, wait 24 hours before using. (This gives the Velcro® adhesive optimal time for proper adhesion.)
  • Screw attachment: (For wood windowsills.) Remove cloth cover, foam and heating pad. Use same positioning techniques as above. Once desired position is achieved, mark windowsill through the screw holes in tray using a pencil. Using a 1/16 drill bit, drill 1 down into windowsill. Use a Phillips head screwdriver to attach the window perch with the 3 provided screws. Replace heating pad, foam, and cloth cover and your Heated Cat Window Perch is ready for use. Rubber bumpers may be attached to the legs where they meet the wall if more stability is needed.


Always unplug the Heated Cat Window Perch when not in use.

Size & Color

Heated Cat Window Perch Details:

Heated Cat Window Perch
Colors Dimensions
Cream 14" W x 24" L
Wattage: 6 watts
Recommended for: all cats
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