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Happy Trails Pet Stroller

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Product Info

What is Happy Trails Pet Stroller?

The Happy Trails Pet Stroller is a convenient, portable pet stroller for small to medium pets. It can be used for taking long walks or going on shopping excursions due to its easy-to-use one-handed folding mechanism with ergonomic handle and "parent" tray for keys, drinks, or treats. Pets inside the Happy Trails Pet Stroller are protected from the elements with the retractable canopy made from waterproof material and a front mesh window that unzips and allows you to place your pet inside. In addition to the front access window, pets can also be placed in the Happy Trails Pet Stroller from the back entryway, which easily unzips and rolls up. It also has a removable basket at the bottom to keep small shopping bags or pet accessories, and a removable interior fleece lining. Also included on the Happy Trails Pet Stroller is an interior tether to keep pets from jumping out, and rear brakes for safety. The Happy Trails Pet Stroller holds pets up to 30 lbs; for a durable, sturdy alternative, which holds pets up to 45lbs, we recommend the Special Edition Pet Stroller. A matching weather cover is also available to help protect your pet from inclement weather, sold separately.

NOTE: The Happy Trails Pet Stroller Weather Cover is also available, sold separately.


Dogs and Cats


  • Convenient pet stroller for long walks and shopping excursions
  • One-handed folding mechanism for easy transporting
  • Comfortable ergonomic handle
  • 'Parent' tray for keys, treats, or drinks
  • Retractable canopy made of waterproof material to protect pets from elements
  • Three mesh windows keeps pests out but allows for airflow and visibility, plus a top viewing window to keep an eye on pet
  • Front and back pet access
  • Removable bottom basket for storage
  • Rear brakes, front swivel wheels, and shock absorbers
  • Inside tether to keep your pet from jumping out
  • Matching weather cover is also available, sold separately

How it Works:

Place your pet inside the Happy Trails Stroller by unzipping the front mesh window and pushing the canopy back towards the handle; then zip the canopy and window back together to protect your pet from unwanted insects or strangers. Your pet safely rides in the stroller by clipping the interior tether to his or her collar. For elderly or sick pets, use the back entryway for pet loading and unloading, by unzipping the back flap and rolling it up and out of the way - which makes it easier for you to situate your pet inside. Located on the back of the Happy Trails Pet Stroller is the "parent" tray, which can be used for either your personal belongings or your pet's effects. The back brakes allow you to "park" the stroller and attend to your pet easily; while the front swivel wheels help you turn quickly and maneuver through different terrains. The front shock absorbers located on the front two wheels work by giving your pet a smoother ride. When it's time to fold up the Happy Trails Stroller for transport, just unlock the folding mechanism on the handle with your thumb, push the three buttons with your finger, twist and push down - then load into your vehicle. To help protect your pet from inclement weather, a matching weather cover is also available, sold separately.


For pets only. Do not leave your pet unsupervised in the stroller. Use the brake when you park your stroller. Do not exceed the manufacturer's recommended weight restrictions. Do not use the stroller on escalators or stairs. Make sure your pet is free of all moving parts before using.

How to Use

The Happy Trails Pet Stroller requires assembly. See link below to download assembly instructions from manufacturer.

Happy Trails Pet Stroller

Before starting to assemble, make sure you have all the parts needed to assemble and use the Happy Trails Pet Stroller:

  • Rear Axle Assemblies
  • Rear Wheels
  • Stroller Frame
  • Front Wheel
  • Parent Tray
  • Washer (2)
  • Cotter Pin (2)
  • Hub Cap (2)

Initial Assembly

  1. First, release the folding lock on the side of the Happy Trails Pet Stroller and spread the stroller apart by pushing the handle away from the frame until you hear a click. Make sure the stroller is then in a locked position.
  2. Next, start assembling the rear wheels to the rear axle. Slide the wheel onto the axle rod and then the washer. Slip the cotter pin through the tiny hole on the end of the axle, holding the wheel in place. Lastly snap on the hub cap in the hole where you just put the cotter pin. Repeat on the opposite side.
  3. Turn the stroller over so the canopy is on the floor and attach the rear axle with the wheels to the back of the stroller by slipping the tubing over the rear stroller legs until it clicks.
  4. For the front wheels, place the front wheel unit on the front leg of the stroller with locking lever pointing downward and press down until it clicks. Repeat on opposite side.
  5. Attach the parent tray by sliding it down onto the plastic pins on either side of the ergonomic handle right behind the canopy until you hear it click.

Folding the Happy Trails Pet Stroller

  1. Before folding the stroller, close the canopy and unzip stroller's front window, then slide the lock release located in the middle of the ergonomic handle, to the right while squeezing the three locks in the front.
  2. Rotate the folding mechanism almost 180 degrees forward and press down until stroller releases and handle is lowered to the rear wheels.
  3. When closed, push folding lock located on the right side of the frame onto catch.
Download instructions for Happy Trails Weather Covers


To keep the wheels working properly, use a light machine oil or WD40 on the wheels.

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Size and Color

Happy Trails Pet Stroller Details:

Important Information to Know Before Choosing a Pet Stroller

  • Before choosing a pet stroller, make sure your pet meets the weight requirements.
  • Pet strollers are not intended to be a substitute for exercise; make sure your pet still gets an adequate amount exercise daily.
Happy Trails Pet Stroller
Dimensions Weight Restrictions
24"L x 12"W x 23"H Pets up to 30 lbs


Fold stroller onto itself and store in a cool dry place.

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