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Freestanding Pet Gate Large

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Product Info

What is Freestanding Pet Gate Large?

The Freestanding Pet Gate (Large) is a pet gate to help keep your pet in a confined area and covers doorway openings ranging from 39.8" to 71.3" wide. This gate is beautifully designed to complement most interior decor and is made of eco-friendly Rubberwood. The low height of the gate allows for you to easily step over it, and the side panels fold in to help minimize storage space when not in use. (For narrow doorway openings (26.4" to 40.2" wide) please see the Freestanding Pet Gate Small.)


Small dogs (6.6 - 17.6 lbs)


  • Suitable for doorway openings ranging from 39.8" to 71.3" wide
  • Freestanding design makes it easy to move around your home
  • Easy to step over due to low height (20.1")
  • Rubber feet helps to protect floor surfaces and to prevent sliding
  • Easy to assemble

How it Works:

The Freestanding Pet Gate (Large) allows for you to safely secure your pet in one area of your home. The pet gate can be adjusted to cover doorways ranging from 39.8" to 71.3" wide.


For pets and indoor use only. Do not place gate at the top of a staircase or near a glass door.

How to Use

Before attempting to assemble your pet gate, please read instructions entirely and thoroughly.

Download Freestanding Pet Gate (Large) Instructions

How to Assemble the Freestanding Pet Gate (Large)

Use a Phillips-head or flat-head screwdriver for assembly.

1) Attach the left side panel to the left front panel.

  • First, place the front and side panels parallel to each other.
  • Tilt the front panel and insert the top hinge on the front panel onto the stem of the top hinge on the side panel.
  • Align the bottom hinge of the front panel with the bottom hinge of the side panel.
  • Insert one L-shaped pin as shown.
  • Open the side panel to 90 degrees.

2) Attach the right side panel to the right front panel.

  • Repeat the steps for the left side panel

3) Attach front panels.

  • The position of the bolt depends on the desired gate width.
  • Align the adjustment holes and fix them according to your desired width. The width of the gate can be adjusted by intervals of 1.3".
  • Insert bolts into the adjustment and fixing holes with washers and spring washers at the top and bottoms of the panels.

4) Attach front side panels.

  • Inserts bolts into the side panels to prevent close if necessary. Secure side panels in case pet pushes side panels (during use).

Be sure that the top of the L-shaped pin faces inward toward the corner of the panels.

Determining Pet Gate Width

  • Please refer to the instructions included in your Freestanding Pet Gate package to determine which holes (B or C) you should use for your doorway opening.


  • For indoor use only.
  • This product cannot completely prevent pets from passing through. Do not place in a location where passing through could lead to danger.
  • Do not place the product at the top of a staircase or near a glass door.
  • Be careful not to stumble. Do not carry a baby or infant when striding over the gate.
  • Keep this product away from fire or extreme high temperatures.
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Size and Color

Freestanding Pet Gate Large Details:

Freestanding Pet Gate Large
Dimensions Recommended for
39.8"-71.3" H x 17.7" D x 20.1" H Pets: Small dogs (6.6 - 17.6 lbs), Doorways and hallways: 39.8" to 71.3" wide
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