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Drinkwell Pet Fountain Cleaning Kit

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Product Info
What is the Drinkwell Pet Fountain Cleaning Kit?

The Drinkwell Pet Fountain Cleaning Kit is a pack of three different sized brushes designed specifically to help clean Drinkwell Pet Fountains. The largest brush has a soft sponge attached to the top to easily clean the larger parts of the fountain, including the water bowl. It also has side bristles to scrub away debris and food particles. The medium sized brush is appropriate to help clean more difficult-to-reach areas of the fountain. The smallest brush is the perfect size to reach all crevices and corners, such as those within the filter housing and water pump. All brushes have plastic molded grip handles and plastic-wrapped stainless steel shafts to help prevent rusting.

NOTE: The Drinkwell Pet Fountain Cleaning Kit is for use with Drinkwell Pet Fountains including:


Dogs & Cats

  • Includes 3 brushes of various sizes: Small, Medium and Large
  • Large brush has sponge tip to help clean larger areas
  • Small brush helps reach tiny crevices and corners
  • Molded plastic handles for better grip
  • Plastic-wrapped stainless steel shafts prevent rusting
  • Brushes aid in thorough cleaning so water tastes fresher
  • Encourages pets to drink more water
How it works:

Drinkwell Pet Fountain Cleaning Kit contains three different sized brushes specifically designed to make cleaning Drinkwell Pet Fountains easier. Molded plastic grip handles and plastic-wrapped stainless steel shafts prevent rusting.


For pet use only.

How to Use
Cleaning Directions:

Refer to the manual that came with your Drinkwell Pet Fountain for detailed cleaning instructions.

  • Clean the fountain and the internal cavity of the motor with soapy water every two weeks. Rinse the fountain parts in hot water weekly.
  • Unplug the fountain.
  • Dump the water.
  • Disassemble the fountain.
  • Remove the motor from the fountain.
  • Lift the impeller (looks like a small white propeller) out of the motor. There may be a faceplate cover over the impeller than can be pulled up with a coin or fingernail. Wash the impeller in soapy water, removing hair and other gunk that has collected around it.
  • Pour soapy water inside the motor cavity and clean with a small round brush like the one found in the Fountain Cleaning Kit.
  • Rinse all parts well before returning to the fountain.
  • Re-assemble fountain, replacing the filter and pre-filter as needed.
  • Place the fountain where desired. Fill with water. Re-plug in fountain.

Lack of cleaning may result in loss of normal function.

Drinkwell Pet Fountain Cleaning Kit

Items Included: One Large 2" diameter sponge-tipped brush, one Medium 5/8" diameter brush, and one Small 3/8" diameter brush.

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