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Drinkwell Outdoor Dog Pet Fountain

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3.5 Gal Fountain
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Starts $142.84 $99.99

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3.5 Gal Fountain
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Product Info

What is Drinkwell Outdoor Dog Pet Fountain?

Drinkwell Outdoor Dog Pet Fountain provides aerated, filtered water to your pet indoors or seasonally outdoors. The patented free-falling stream of water encourages your pet to drink more water, keeping your pet hydrated and improving health. The fountain features two removable 1-gallon reservoirs with a total capacity of 3.5 gallons. Charcoal, foam and pre-filters remove bad odors and block particles and debris from entering the water supply and blocking the pump. The submersive pump and specially- designed spout prevents splashing and reduces noise. The fountain is ideal for large dogs or multiple pets and can be disassembled for thorough cleaning. The Outdoor Pet Fountain filters the water with charcoal, which removes bad odors - leading to pure, clean water.

NOTE: Also available are Drinkwell Outdoor Dog Pet Fountain Replacement Filters, as well as the Drinkwell Pet Fountain Cleaning Kit, sold separately.




  • Patented free-falling watering system aerates water
  • Appealing to pets and helps increase water consumption
  • Charcoal filter removes bad odors and particles
  • Foam filter and prefilter block large particles and debris
  • Submersive pump reduces operation noise with anti-bite cord cover
  • Adjustable flow control
  • UV resistant plastic and dishwasher safe (excluding pump)
  • 450 oz (3.5 gallon) capacity
  • Replacement filters 3pk and cleaning kit also available

How it Works:

The patented free-falling watering system aerates your pet's water with oxygen and helps to prevent bacteria growth. The appeal of running water will help to ensure your pet drinks more water to stay properly hydrated. The foam filter and pre-filter block large particles and debris from entering the water supply and blocking the pump. The charcoal filter removes bad odors and particles, providing your pet with clean, good tasting water. Replacement filters and a cleaning kit can be purchased separately to extend the life of the fountain and to clean hard-to-reach areas.


For indoor or seasonal outdoor use. Do not operate below 40°F. Do not operate without water or with a damaged cord or plug. Unplug when not in use and before cleaning. Do not allow pet to chew or swallow parts. Consult your veterinarian if your pet shows signs of allergic reaction to plastic. Supervise when used near children.

How to Use


Refer to the Drinkwell Outdoor Dog Pet Fountain Manual for detailed installation and cleaning instructions.

  • As with any electrical device, check the electrical cord for any tears or damage before use.
  • Make sure the low-voltage power adaptor is tightly connected to the pump's electrical cord and that the threaded locking collar is tightened completely.
  • Installing the charcoal filter: Open the housing lid to place the charcoal filter inside (one filter is included). The charcoal filter fits between the grooves in the housing with the black side facing out towards the bowl. Make sure the filter is pushed all the way down and close the lid. Important: Rinse charcoal filter thoroughly under cool water before installing. A small amount of charcoal dust may shed for the life of the filter. This is normal and not harmful to your pet. The charcoal filter should be replaced every two to four weeks (sold separately).
  • Installing the foam filter: The foam filter will come installed around the pump beneath the housing. You will be able to see the foam filter in place by looking through the pre-filter on the right side. The foam filter should be replaced every four to eight weeks (sold separately).
  • Place the fountain in a desired location. The Outdoor Dog Fountain is intended for year-round indoor household use or seasonal outdoor use. Never operate the fountain in temperatures below 40°F. Be sure the electrical cord comes out through the cord notch at the back of the fountain, so that it sits level on the floor.
    • When placing the fountain indoors: If placing on carpet or wood floor, it is recommended to use a protective mat under the fountain.
    • When placing the fountain outdoors: Place fountain on a level surface in a covered location and out of direct sunlight to keep the water cooler. Monitor the water level and cleanliness of the fountain to prevent damage to the unit and maintain the best possible water conditions for your pet.
  • Fill the bowl with water just over the triangle-shaped shelf on either side of the bowl. This is the height that the reservoirs will maintain the water level at, which provides a splash guard to help keep water inside the bowl. Open the lid and fill the housing with water; this will prime the pump. Close the lid.
  • Fill both reservoirs and place behind the housing into the circular openings. The reservoir is designed to fit in any direction. Place the reservoir so that the fill-line indicator is in plain view. This will help you monitor the water level in your fountain and let you know when to refill the reservoirs.
    Important: The fountain is very heavy when full. Never attempt to lift the fountain when full.
  • Make sure the cord and your hands are dry before plugging into an outlet.
  • Cleaning: Disassemble and use the cleaning kit (sold separately) or hand wash the fountain and the internal cavity of the motor with soapy water once a week. Rinse the fountain parts in hot water weekly. Reservoirs should not be placed in the dishwasher-hand wash only. Refer to the manual for detailed cleaning instructions.
  • Filters (sold separately): Filters should be changed every four to eight for foam weeks. Replace filters more frequently when using the fountain for multiple pets or pets that produce a lot of saliva. Filters should be rinsed with water only (do not use soap). Filters are an added feature of the fountain. Their use is not required for normal operation.
  • Cleaning Kit (sold separately): The cleaning kit includes a 2" diameter brush with a flared tip to clean the fountain corners and edges, a 5/8" diameter brush to clean the intake tube, and a 3/8" diameter brush to clean the inside of the motor cavity.

It is normal for your pet to be extra cautious when first using the fountain. Allow your pet to adjust at his or her own pace. Some pets take several days or longer to begin use.

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Drinkwell Outdoor Dog Pet Fountain Details:

Drinkwell Outdoor Dog Pet Fountain
Dimensions Weight
20-1/2"L x 13-7/8"W x 12.5"H 8.5 lbs.
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