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Drinkwell Original Pet Fountain

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Product Info

What is Drinkwell Original Pet Fountain?

Drinkwell Original Pet Fountain provides aerated, filtered water to your pet. The patented free-falling stream of water encourages your pet to drink more water, keeping your pet hydrated and improving health. The fountain includes a receiving ramp to reduce spills. The fountain holds up to 6 cups of water and can be disassembled for easy cleaning. The Original Pet Fountain filters the water with charcoal, which removes bad odors - leading to pure, clean water.

NOTE: Also available are Drinkwell Original Pet Fountain Replacement Filters, as well as the Drinkwell Pet Fountain Cleaning Kit, sold separately.


Dogs and Cats


  • Patented free-falling watering system aerates water
  • Appealing to pets and helps increase water consumption
  • Charcoal filter removes bad odors and prefilter blocks large particles
  • Motorized pump and adjustable flow rate
  • Replacement charcoal filters 3pk and cleaning kit also available
  • 50 oz (6cup) capacity
  • Dishwasher safe (excluding pump)

How it Works:

The patented free-falling watering system aerates your pet's water with oxygen and helps to prevent bacteria growth. The appeal of running water will help to ensure your pet drinks more water to stay properly hydrated. The charcoal filter removes bad odors, particles and debris, providing your pet with clean, good tasting water. Replacement filters and a cleaning kit can be purchased separately to extend the life of the fountain and clean hard-to-reach spots.


For indoor use only. Do not operate without water or with a damaged cord or plug. Unplug when not in use and before cleaning. Do not allow pet to chew or swallow parts. Consult your veterinarian if your cat shows signs of allergic reaction to plastic. Supervise when used near children.

How to Use


Your pet may prefer that the Fountain be placed away from their normal feeding area. Try placing it in a separate corner or a different room. Cats may prefer to drink on an elevated area such as a counter.

  • Check the bottom of the fountain to be sure the motor is securely attached.
  • Remove the housing cover (lid) and insert the filter cartridge down into the well in the housing. It fits in the well diagonally. The bottom of the filter is narrower than the top and the black side faces outward (toward the spout). If the fit is too tight, it is either in upside down or in the wrong groove at the front (Move it back one groove). Rinsing the filter before use will help remove any loose bits of charcoal, which are harmless.
  • Fill the fountain with water, (both the bowl and the housing where the filter sits) and place in desired location*. If placing on carpet or wood floor, it is recommended to use a protective mat under the fountain.
  • Make sure the cord and your hands are dry before plugging in. Do not attempt to force it into an old, unsafe outlet. Use an adapter if necessary.
  • Pass the cord through the notch on either side on the bottom of the fountain. The notches are not for holding the cord snugly. The cord should be passed through vertically. DO NOT turn the cord horizontally and FORCE into a notch as this may damage the cord and create a hazard.
  • Add more water to the bowl after the unit is primed and running. For quietest operation, fill bowl completely. A gentle hum during normal operation is normal.
  • Set the desired flow rate with the flow control knob next to the ramp in the bowl (minimum rate at the left position, maximum rate at the right position).
  • Add water to the bowl as needed. During regular use, do not allow the water level to fall below the inlet grate on the bottom of the flow control knob, or the motor may run dry.
  • Cleaning: Lack of cleaning may result in loss of normal function. Use the cleaning kit (sold separately) or hand wash the fountain and the internal cavity of the motor with soapy water every two weeks. Rinse the fountain parts in hot water weekly. Refer to the manual for detailed cleaning instructions.
  • Filters (sold separately): Filters should be changed every 2-4 weeks. Replace filters more frequently when using the fountain for dogs or multiple pets. Filters may be rinsed with water only (do not use soap) when the fountain is cleaned. A small amount of charcoal dust may shed. This is normal and not harmful to your pet. Filters are an added feature of the fountain. Their use is not required for normal operation.
  • Cleaning Kit (sold separately): The cleaning kit includes a 2" diameter brush with a flared tip to clean the fountain corners and edges, a 5/8" diameter brush to clean the intake tube and a 3/8" diameter brush to clean the inside of the motor cavity.

It is normal for your pet to be extra cautious when first using the fountain. Allow your pet to adjust at their own pace. Some pets take several days or longer to begin use.

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Drinkwell Original Pet Fountain Details:

Drinkwell Original Pet Fountain
Dimensions Weight
11"L x 9"W x 7.25"H 1.75 lbs
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