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Bark Control Training Collar

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Product Info

What is Bark Control Training Collar?

The Bark Control Training Collar features two warning levels and 5 increasing levels of static pulse correction to train your dog to stop unwanted barking. The intensity levels increase with continued barking, allowing your dog to find the appropriate intensity and correct the behavior. The collar's sensor is activated by the vibration of your dog's bark, eliminating false activation. The waterproof, nylon collar fits necks up to 24 inches. Two sets of contact points are included for short-and long-haired dogs.




  • 7 levels of static pulse including 2 low level warning levels
  • Automatically increases intensity with continued barking
  • Lightweight, curved comfort design receiver
  • Waterproof and adjustable nylon collar
  • On/off switch to extend battery life
  • Includes 1 long life 6v lithium battery
  • Includes 2 sets of contacts for short and long haired dogs

How it Works:

The Bark Control Training Collar detects barking with a sensor automatically emitting a static pulse through the contacts. The collar starts correction with 2 low level warning corrections - a combination of ultrasound and low level of static pulse correction. The levels will increase in intensity through an additional 5 levels if your dog keeps barking. The purpose of the reminder corrections is to allow your dog to associate the low level reminder corrections to avoid stronger correction. Your dog will respond to an intensity level appropriate for his or her temperament and will learn to stop unwanted barking.


For use on dogs only. Do not attach walking lead to collar. Monitor your dog's reaction during initial use.

How to Use


  • Install battery and test unit before initial use.
  • A proper fit is necessary for optimal functionality. Both contact points must be in contact with your dogs skin at all times for a consistent stimulation.
  • Refer to manual for complete instructions.

During initial use, place the collar around your dog's neck with the switch turned off several times a day for a few days before switching on. This allows your dog to associate the correction with barking and not the collar.


Bark Control Training Collar Details:

Bark Control Training Collar
Dimensions Weight
7.5" x 4.2" x 2.5" (Neck size up to 24") 2.4 oz
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