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Ask the Vet About Lymphoma in Dogs and Cats

Lymphoma in Dogs and Cats
Symptoms & Diagnosis
Ask the Vet
Ask the Vet About Lymphoma (Lymphosarcoma) in Dogs and Cats
MichaelDym, V.M.D.
Michael Dym, V.M.D.
Doctor of Veterinary Medicine

As a practicing veterinarian, Dr. Dym has over 19 years of experience and dedication to enhancing the overall health and well-being of pets. His commitment and passion for pet health continuously drives him to learn more about the art and science of homeopathy through ongoing training and education.

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Date: Feb 12, 2017
Category: Lymphoma
Pet Type: Dog
Topic: Nausea

Question:My English springer spaniel "Buddie" was diagnosed with lymphoma 9 days ago. He is 13 1/2 yrs old. He is currently on prednisone 20mg bid. In another day he drops to 20mg once a day. I was given Tramadol 50mg every 12 hours if needed. He seems to be having nausea every few days. Looks dumpy, weak and won't eat each time. Can you recommend some medication to alleviate his nausea? He has been give 4-8 weeks.... it's considered advanced stage. Thank you

Answer:Consider adding Cerenia - it's a really good anti-nausea medication that you give once daily. Your veterinarian more than likely carries it - if they don't, we do, but you would need a prescription from them. The tramadol can upset his stomach, so depending on how much he weighs, work with your veterinarian to find a dosage that doesn't upset his stomach. There are other pain meds that his stomach may handle a little better if you can't find a dosage that doesn't upset his stomach. When he drops to once daily prednisone, his appetite may decrease even more, so let your veterinarian know if he really stops eating. With cancer patients, it's important for them to keep eating - preferably more than they did before they were diagnosed (but that's hard to do) because the cancer increases their metabolism. Here's a link to Cerenia if you want to read about it:

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