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Dog Steps with 4 Steps

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Product Info
What is Dog Steps with 4 Steps?

Help maintain and protect your pet's joint health with the Dog Steps with 4 Steps. Pets that constantly jump off sofas, beds, and other furniture can place unnecessary strain on the joints which could potentially lead to arthritis. Reduce your pet's risk today by ordering these compact and durable pet stairs. The Dog Steps provide a wide surface area that allows your pet to stop and rest on each step before moving forward, which is especially helpful for senior pets. These pet stairs support dogs and cats up to 150 lbs and are available in 2 colors (Tan and Cocoa) to accommodate most decor. Please note: Some dogs may need training to use the steps. We recommend using a treat to encourage your pet up and down the steps to become accustomed to using it.


Dogs and Cats up to 150 lbs

  • Sturdy yet lightweight and supports pets up to 150 lbs.
  • Stair height (30.5 inches tall) is ideal for climbing onto high furniture. For less height, try the Dog Steps with 2 Steps or Dog Steps with 3 Steps.
  • Wide steps allow for most pets to place all four legs on each step.
  • Rubber grips eliminate slipping on hard surface flooring.
  • Removable and machinewashable carpeted mats make cleaning easy.
  • Your choice of colors (Tan and Cocoa) helps to match most interior decor.
  • Assembles in minutes with no tools needed.
How it Works:

Place the Dog Steps against the piece of furniture you want your dog or cat to climb up onto and down from with ease. Try encouraging your pet up and down the steps by using a treat.The Dog Steps are great for


Do not use as a step stool. For indoor use only.

How to Use
  • Place all parts onto the floor, pairing the left and right panels and stair parts.
  • Place the right panel on the floor with the Pet Gear logo facing the floor.
  • Insert the top stair panel with the rug facing upward. The straight edge of the panel should be facing towards the back of the stair unit.
  • Insert the front cover of the top step into the right panel.
  • Insert one bottom step into the right panel.
  • Repeat the previous two steps twice.
  • Insert the rods into the right panel.
  • Before attaching the left panel of the staircase, make sure there are no gaps between parts.
  • Align all the holes on the left panel with the pegs from the right sides of the stairs.
  • Push left panel down to secure the steps.

If you experience difficulty inserting the parts try adding a little dish soap on the end of the peg before inserting.

Size & Color
How to Purchase the Right Size Pet Steps for Your Dog or Cat
  • Measure the height of the location to which you are to trying to give your pet access.
  • Allow for a few extra inches below the top of the surface you are trying to give your pet access to by purchasing steps that are slightly smaller (in height) than the piece of furniture.
  • Select a color that best matches or complements your decor.
Dog Steps with 4 Steps
Entire unit: 34"L x 16"W x 30.5"H
Recommended for dogs and cats weighing less than 150 lbs.
Steps: 8.75"L x 13.5"W
Product Weight: 18 (lbs)

Do not use or rest near an open or exposed flame.

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