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Extra Wide Swing Pet Gate

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Extra Wide Swing Dog Gate #60280
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Product Info
What is Extra Wide Swing Pet Gate?

The Extra Wide Swing Pet Gate is a hardware-mounted pet gate most suitable for extra wide open spaces. The gate fits openings 57" to 103" wide (over 8 feet) and features a swinging door to allow you to move from room to room. Its elegant wood design complements any decor.


Dogs and Cats

  • Fits wide spaces measuring 57" to 103" (over 8 feet) wide
  • Secure 4-point steel mounting
  • Removes easily from hardware mount when not in use
  • Gate door features an easy one-hand release
  • Simple and elegant wood design
How it Works:

The hardware mount keeps the gate securely in place and keeps pets out of large openings. The gate can also be easily removed from the mounts when it is not in use. The width between each slat is 2.75".


For pets only.

How to Use
  • Determine where you want to mount the gate. For optimum safety, the mounting location must be a solid wood or metal surface.
  • Using four binder posts and four #8 x 1/2" machine screws, attach the top and bottom of the two gate sections together.
  • On both sides of the opening, make a mark for mounting the bottom screw eyes 6" up from the top of the flooring or carpet.
  • Measure up exactly 19" from the bottom mark and make a mark for the top screw eyes.
  • Drill four pilot holes, approximately 3/4" deep, for the screw eyes using an electric drill with a 1/6" bit. Screw one of the screw eyes into each hole until no thread is visible.
  • Attach the gate by inserting the hook into lower screw eye and secure the locking latch to the top screw eye.
  • Lift the other end of the gate and insert the hook in to the other lower screw eye and secure the other latch to the top screw eye.

Do not mount the gate less than 2" (5 cm) or more than 3" (7.6 cm) above the floor.

Size and Color
Extra Wide Swing Pet Gate:
57"-103" W x 1.0" 29.5" H
Customer Reviews
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